Newcastle's "Turbocharged" future | Toon set for huge financial boost | NUFC THOUGHT OF THE DAY

Newcastle United are working on multimillion pound partnerships in a bid to ease FFP fears and create a «transfer war chest» to compete at the top consistently.

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21 comentarios en “Newcastle's "Turbocharged" future | Toon set for huge financial boost | NUFC THOUGHT OF THE DAY

  1. @antd6993

    Man Utd spent years in Asia every summer growing their brand off the back of a team that won trophy after trophy after trophy, so we need to win 1 trophy and then lift off! A 5 to 10 year plan and we are what starting 3rd year😮give it another 5 years and hopefully with that elusive trophy and footage of Newcastle city centre looking like the party capital of the world 😂wor commercial growth will go nuts

  2. @user-ul2zk6sh1j

    I think the current dilemmma amongst NUFC fans is would you sacrifice between 1 and 3 players to generate some money now, write this season off and go big in the summer? I still don’t understand why we aren’t able to explore the Saudi loan market I wish someone would explain it to me. Is it the UK tax bill if players are returning? Sure not then go for a player who hasn’t been a UK resident?

  3. @bensouthwell1339

    the richest club on the planet selling Tops for £70 plus that were made in sweatshops for a few quid is criminal and selling them to fans that are among the poorest in Europe so players can earn a million quid a month is Laughable in 20-24. There are kids to-day that will never ever get to see Newcastle United play at St James Park in their life time, the same kids that live in the shadow of Great Britain's largest food bank. Lets all all step back into the real world its easy if you try.

  4. @rockybalboap7763

    wasnt ffp brought in to stop clubs overspending and going under? How the hell are these owners gonaa go broke? Better idea is to have a 5 year plan ? Put money in that account as security ? Var and Ffp is ruining it for me !!!!

  5. @terrym61

    Wondering why the club have chosen Stack to be the centre of our fan zone,is it because they have better planned for the future and it’s relatively easy to dismantle or because they don’t want to commit to anything permanent because of a new stadium?Or something else 🤔

  6. @jimfell7147

    Really ticks me off that ffp among all the negatives also forces clubs to up admission and membership prices to make more money, I'm sure if those 3 letters didn't apply that pif would keep things cheap for us true fans.

  7. @kendo5862

    The game is rigged … we can’t invest and are limited to sponsorship and selling your assets, you can’t grow. If we can’t with the richest owners … no one can

  8. @mikecosslett1421

    This is the way of modern football I'm glad we're moving with the times with forward thinking owners we need to make newcastle a world brand to get the revenue and bring in the top players

  9. @yogihightower

    Ambition does not go with sentimentality, neither does progression. Howe loosing 10 out of 12 would of been sacked at the other 19 clubs in the league. Holding onto the past will hinder the future. We lack ruthlessness, for context im extremely happy to not be under Ashley but we need to hold poor football, disastrous results and money wasted to account, howe and ashworth are not gods.

  10. @georgemorley1029

    I’m very happy with revenue generation. I am not happy with gentrification. There may be some of that incoming. We’re going to have to keep alert for things like fans boards being populated with people who really can’t lay claim to having the club’s best interests at heart. Some people call it gate keeping. I fail to see why we should be ashamed at wanting to preserve the identity of the club, the strength and dedication of the fanbase whilst welcoming new blood in. Just don’t evict the die hard lifelong fans who have helped to carry the club to this point.

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