Can Newcastle United beat FFP to spend again with Chris Waugh | Full True Faith NUFC Podcast

Alex hosts Charlotte, Si and Chris Waugh – Newcastle United correspondent for the Athletic – to talk through:

Is Newcastle’s January a well coordinated masterplan to offload older players and bring in new class lads, or is it not as simple as that?
Will the NUFC look to challenge FFP/PSR moving forward?
How the Miggy deal might look for the club and if he’ll leave
What Chris thinks NUFC can do in January and beyond

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17 comentarios en “Can Newcastle United beat FFP to spend again with Chris Waugh | Full True Faith NUFC Podcast

  1. @MarkWeir-cr5tk

    By anyone’s standard Everton being penalised for building their stadium is unfair. Hopefully the current FFP regs help press down on player signing fees and wages. Inflation YoY is significant double digit growth on both. Amazing show thank you TF and @chris Waugh

  2. @adamlittle3618

    All of this stems from our poor summer window. Signed players in the wrong positions and we weren't prepared for the extra games. This season has just been a massive missed opportunity.

  3. @terrym61

    I certainly think that tomorrow’s press conference will be the most interesting since Eddie arrived.Hopefully he can put some meat on the bone regarding journalists questions

  4. @niclaslindman

    Think this Fair Play was 10 years ago 105million£ are Inflation and Value of £ 20% value lost since Brexit should be around 200 million and not 105 million for hard to Take 20% value Most in £ and expect hold Profits put Clubs in a risk same Inflation push £ even lower so Push for put up this Fairr Play debrh in 200-250 million £ more Sensibly Fair for clubs Just look to pricetag on player went in 10 years how Clubs cope if All up against smaller clubs get really hurt by Inflation like value in £ go down 20% for cost get way higher than was before are a question ❓❓

  5. @drewsharratt564

    FSR is no excuse for us not to get in a DM on loan. This surely has to be the bottom line for this window.

    I fear that anything less will start to erode the goodwill the board has established with fans and (even worse) players

  6. @pennycatterick5148

    We all should remember that the threat of governmental intervention is hovering in the background. Unless the Premiership can demonstrate that it can regulate itself, then a regulator will intervene;….not a nice thought. I think FFP is here to stay, perhaps in a modified form.
    I do think the spend of top forming clubs should be capped in favour of allowing lower clubs to catch up, thereby introducing greater competition,..yes???????
    We are United.

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