NUFC set for Saudi transfer raid? A tour through Europe talking Newcastle United!

Join the Daily Mail’s Craig Hope as he takes you through London, North Macedonia, Turkey and a bit of Austria to answer your questions on all things Newcastle United

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32 comentarios en “NUFC set for Saudi transfer raid? A tour through Europe talking Newcastle United!

  1. Gareth Gill

    Great video, Craig Hope the roving country destabilizer, what would Steve Bruce think, in fact he would have appreciated a proper kebab from Istanbul and possible olive branch offering or should it be pita bread and chilii sauce offering 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣, yes on the serious matter of NUFC which is far more important than the political stability of Turkey, priority numero uno and top 5 goal, although will the poor performance of both NUFC and Man UTD mean 5th spot may go to another country?we shall see. Given all the injuries and where we were two years ago in the league if you said to me 2 years ago we would be in a cup final, UCL group of death, batter PSG at home with Kylian Mbappe with my song singing out I would have said your deluded, just enjoy the ride a journey to the rop can be long but its great fun along the way 😅

  2. Blip2012

    Great video Craig insightful as always (and er… a bit of spy-craft – expect a call from Mi6 anytime soon) not often we log on for some timely NUFC updates and get drawn into the intrigue of 'Jason Bourne, Alexander the Great, Patrick Kluivert and Mother Theresa' not necessarily in that order. That said we live in interesting and quite challenging times for the club on and off the field. The injury crisis (or perhaps an injury opportunity for others to show their potential) is just damned unlucky compounded by sporting politics, the FFP drama (Everton and the next version of Everton waiting in the wings etc) the vote on related-party loans – 1-0 brilliant comment! There is so much happening around the club its just a terrific season and the early footsteps into Europe. Before this turns into an essay just want to state the obvious about all the positivity and good times ahead – we need to pinch ourselves and remember what it was like in the dark days. Keep up the good work and gan canny.

  3. OnceIWasYou

    Craig! I found Skopje extremely odd. It's full of new landmarks which are all blatant rip offs of other landmarks around Europe. There's an Arc de Triumph (With Alexander on, of course), a Corinth style temple… Even a place that looks exactly like the Natural History Museum front. Apparently it was a big "Renovation" ($500m worth) in around 2005… I went there with a Greek and a Greek-Cypriot so all the Alexander stuff was followed by hushed comments.
    Curious if you saw many of these weird "Out of nowhere" landmarks?

    Re: ownership rules. Personally I don't think owners should EVER be allowed to own two clubs who could ever feasibly face each other in a competitive game. Whether that's the FA cup or the Europe League.

    PLEASE NOT KALVIN PHILLIPS though! No where near intense enough for our midfield. A liability in the tackle, negative passer, slows the game down, not a great touch, gets bullied on the ball…. He's another Danny Drinkwater- did well in a very specific role in a specific set up. He does well in that role and people wrongly assume it's his actual talent level. I don't believe Pep ever really wanted him if that is going to be people's response!

  4. Terry Murphy

    I’ve commented before Craig about how much I like your channel “But 😀” I think this time you’ve left yourself open to criticism for even answering the question about Eddie and “Getting Sacked “Personally I would of left that one out as surely it could only have been from 1 fan ,unless you’re up to mischief?

  5. TG

    Great video again Craig but was that you almost bumping into a 'Lady of the Night' on 12-45 ? She even dimmed the lights as you went past……Roxannnnnnne You dont have to turn off your light tonight 💡

  6. Neil Nicholas

    Great video Craig. Love the comprehensive view of Germany😂. I agree with your view that the priority is to get back into the champions league but in addition we have come so far in the league cup we need to take that one seriously. Great travel vlog too.

  7. Geordie Toon for life.

    Craig the Spymaster 😉really enjoyed that video lots of talking points and lots of nice views around different countries.
    Lots of fans on none Newcastle podcasts thinking this will be a walk in the park for Chelsea because of our injuries and personally I think the opposite if Isak, Miggy and Sean are fit to play as it’s a strong 11 but the problem is the depth of the bench which apart from the odd player will look like our championship days unfortunately.
    Let’s get that much needed win on Saturday which will give us confidence for the PSG game who will be missing two big players for them.

    Let’s hope for some good news from Eddie in the morning we really need a change of luck on the injury front. 🖤🤍🖤🤍

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