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33 comentarios en “JAMIE CARRAGHER REPLIES TO ME! Carra Hits Back!!

  1. Chrisdil

    He only did this cause he was getting stuff about him spitting on a wee lass! And he hates having that come up!
    He also threatened another ex footballer when they brought it on TV!

  2. RupertLuuuurdoch

    His response holds no water either. Villa own several clubs but voted for the ban. Man Utd and Nice will have the same owner, they voted for the ban. In January you can sign whoever you want for whatever position you want, we haven't been granted special permission to sign someone outside the transfer window like he's making out.

  3. Karen75

    I was absolutely disgusted at the crap that came out of his mouth tbh! That overlap was all about hating Newcastle. I hope Paul merson gives him it because nothing in that conversation was about addiction, ignorant arsehole!!!

  4. John Silver

    Cara was dead wrong on his waffle. It is just that the establishment is rattled they could not suppress the toon with their usual dirty tricks. There is no way Tonali's situation would have been known before hand. We are not fucking mind readers. Cara needs to pipe down.

  5. Steven Field

    Your totally right Matty his comments bang out of order, people hide their addictions and players personal lives aren't part of any contract that i know but shows their scared of us and what we'll become.

  6. Ian A

    Not sure where Carrigher is coming from, other than to get clicks. He is an ex footballer of limited intelligence still trying to make a buck from the game. Big up Matty 👍

  7. Baron Spamedi

    The stupidest part about what Carragher said is that Tonali was gambling in breach of the regulations.
    Why would he or any other player ever admit that to the buying club, knowing he would receive a lengthy ban and damage a lucrative career?
    The only way for Newcastle to know about that would be if someone told them, which isn't very likely to happen if the player has enough commonsense to know that telling people can result in a ban. That leaves Newcastle in the position of needing to sift through every detail of Tonali's finances, phone, and computer.
    Is Carragher saying that sort of highly intrusive search is something that all other clubs do when buying a player? Because if he knows they don't, then why is expecting Newcastle to uphold a standard that he expects of no other club?

  8. Adz

    This guy need a good hiding he’s lucky he didn’t get one when he spat on a child… scumbag shouldn’t be anywhere near the media that’s why I don’t watch any of that bollocks.

  9. Ant D

    Oh dear what a surprise the scouser thinks it was very right that the PL had a vote aboot clubs loaning players blah blah😮😂😂 jog on ya numpty it failed…get ready big 6 is no more 😂we are coming for yous

  10. Richard Trueman

    I totally agree with you matty. When I watched that this morning I immediately had my heckles up from carraghers comments. He's lucky to have a job after spitting on members of the public, especially when it was filmed

  11. Ellen Witch

    I was gonna put this comment on the previous vid, but then I saw this uploaded, and honestly, he's so wrong. He's saying something that WE MAY do. When it's not even confirmed that we'd do it.The PL in one sense could be voting on this yes, but the way he's framed it, is as if cause Tonali is banned, we're gonna auto go for Neves like this, when that's not the case at all. I don't get were these so called pundits, are coming out, as if it's set on that we're gonna loan Ruben Neves, as if it's a done deal, when it's not??? You'd think Neves is in a Toon top already with how the media has speculated.

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