Newcastle United back to their best ahead of another HUGE week

Charlotte and Alex talk about the class lads being well and truly BACK as Newcastle United have the week from heaven. We also celebrate Bruno G’s unique way of announcing key life milestones.

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23 comentarios en “Newcastle United back to their best ahead of another HUGE week

  1. John Scott

    Love it! haha, I feel JT's hair dilemma is highly likely. Maybe some mix of the two "Ask Schar if he noticed my hair! I worked really hard on it!!" Alex's makes sense too "Have everyone say their exhausted after the game!! (don't tell E.H. I said to)" good times, thank you <3

  2. Seattle Geordie

    I wonder what book the lady at the Sheffield Utd. game was reading .. The Walking Dead maybe or A Tale of Two Cities … it was the best of times or the absolute, f*ckin worst of times EVER!! The not to Sean … Mr. Howe says your playing quite well 😁 or you forgot the milk! 😑 .. great show always fun with you two … f*ckin class

  3. Raggattoni

    the Maddog note – It was just a very very detailed drawing of a phallus. Sort of thing one would find in a High School textbook. Mad Dog had spent the entire match crafting the art work to impress Longy. The current consensus around the training ground is that Longy's puerile graffito's are of Banksy-esque viral quality. Big Jase was just looking for a little creative recognition for his pitch side doodling 😁

  4. Raggattoni

    Which is it MSM? They aren't applauding NUFC for destroying SU, whilst also saying that SU were not to blame for their thrashing?

    All the pundits have taken the stance "This result doesn't define Sheffield United's season. The have been in the game against City & Spurs. Only losing by 1 goal in each match." At the same time "Newcastle ain't that good. No one likes to see a team getting beat by 8. It was an anomaly!'

    What a load of B*****ks!

  5. AntAcîD

    #asktftv what was the first match you watched at st james' park,.that's to both of you .great show.
    Ps.. 7:14 its a boy we were told a high bump is a boy and a low bump is a girl …so he's having a bouncing "baller" baby boy ✌️🖤🤍🖤🤍

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