EXTENDED PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | Sheffield United 0-8 Newcastle United

Highlights from our 8-0 loss to Newcastle United.

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37 comentarios en “EXTENDED PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | Sheffield United 0-8 Newcastle United

  1. Aomng

    Losing 8-0 is a final result that has nothing to do with your team's abilities. But it may be due to the environment or the play of the opposing team that is more talented. However, losing is a way to learn and move on. That means you and your team will have to address what needs to be improved and adjusted. Emphasis is placed on what is done well and should encourage the team to persevere and have fun playing the sport.

    However, it is most important to show tenacity and diligence to improve yourself and your team. Let's look forward to the next moment. Turn your shock into inspiration so you can be better prepared for your next competition or contest. Afterward, you and your team will have the opportunity to discuss new strategies and team formations. However, some Wins and losses are a constant in competition. However, it's important to put yourself out there every day. Good luck and all the best in your sport and your team's future endeavors.

  2. Gone Jegory

    Respect for posting this video Sheffield United. Your time will come again! BTW I looked at the first goal at 1/4 speed, Gordon accidently skimmed the top of the ball with his hand. Handball, no goal.

  3. Me Only

    Serves ya right karma is a bitch you came out with them foolish shirt's emblazoned with 8 on the back Well you got what you wished for . I suggest you wear number 25 in your next game v West ham and set a new record 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  4. Rex The Younger

    Don't worry, Newcastle can do this to any team on their day, today was one of those days. They are unplayable when they're in the zone, as Spurs found out last season (& Sheff Wed 20 odd years ago :p). I remember the stuffing of Man-U 5-0 in the late nineties as well as a similar 7-1 against Spurs. And hey, it could have been worse if not for some moments of good goalkeeping and a bit of suspect refereeing (re the blatant penalty on Gordon).

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