¿Quién competirá por el segundo lugar en la próxima temporada de la Premier League? | Tiempo extra de ESPN FC

Bienvenido a ESPN FC Tiempo Extra. 0:00 ¿Stevie sabe sobre ChatGPT? 1:49 ¿Quién competirá por el segundo lugar en la Premier League la próxima temporada? 4:35 ¿Qué es más difícil: ser perseguido o el perseguidor? 7:25 ¿Alguna palabra de pasada para Leicester? ✔ Suscríbete a ESPN+: ✔ Suscríbete a ESPN FC en YouTube:

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29 comentarios en “¿Quién competirá por el segundo lugar en la próxima temporada de la Premier League? | Tiempo extra de ESPN FC

  1. JJG JJG

    Second to City: One of the other top 6 (not including City of course) that is Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool and of course Villa and Newcastle. Not necessarily in that order. It will be a season or two before Chelsea recover but they will… Tottenham are done.

  2. Kevin Mannix

    As Long as the "Anybody but Liverpool Premier league" Refs continue to fix it against Liverpool , City will walk it
    Its the English they hate the scousers
    All the plaudits in the world to City
    But they have been HANDED two of those tiles by the "Anybody but Liverpool Premier league" Refs
    Its been fixed since its inception
    4200 touches in the box per penalty get given to Liverpool
    1400 touches in the Box per penalty get given to Man Utd
    funny that
    Most head injuries' from heading a ball happen at Liverpool by the opposition team (yes they do the same thing they do in every game and head the ball, but at Anfield they hold thier head and drop to the floor,

  3. Maleek Geechi

    Chelsea with a better coach next season will be a force to compete with.. United is still not read for the second spot… Even if Qatar do come in, they will need two seasons to be really competing for the title

  4. MrKaravaj

    Lets hope Liverpool stops ManCity, since Arsenal failed hard. No one won 4 premier leagues in row and I really dont want this to become a farmers league

  5. Ashley Smith

    Depending on how the transfer window goes for Man utd and Liverpool….. I would say there will be a 3 way battle between man city, Newcastle and either man utd or Liverpool for next seasons title

    Just my opinion


    But , why on earth would you start discussing next season, second place, first place and all this before even this season ends, why relegate United to second place fight, is espn serious in what they are posting, how do u expect united fans to feel seeing u , a so-called independent media discussing them as second place fighters next season, espn you should do better than this, don't make us feel like you have an agenda against us. I have followed you guys for some time but this time , I feel you are being unfair, yesterday before the game one of the pundits said we are going to lose champions league and a day after you are discussing how we are to fight for a second place, as if the title of 2023 2024 is already won before it even started, when did we get here?

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