Dinero dinero dinero. Es la vieja historia cansada cuando algunos de los medios hablan sobre el ascenso de Newcastle en la liga esta temporada. Convenientemente, se olvidan de la mayor parte de los jugadores que todavía están jugando, y en el equipo, habiendo estado allí antes de la adquisición, y un tal Eddie Howe. Chris tiene su opinión. Si te gusta el video, dale a Me gusta y considera suscribirte al canal. #NUFC #newcastleunited #nufcnews

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  1. Malcolm Holder

    Man U have always spent more than they earned in sales look at CR sold for 80M that year they spent nearly 200M and only came second. The one and only year they didn't out spend earnings was the year they won NOTHING! It is all BS from the Establishment who don't like the North East. Chelsea have spent 600M since their sale, how much have Man City spent in the last six years (average it out it is a lot more than any other team). Hopefully the Financial Fair Play Authorities will look into all clubs equally and actually punish those that break the rules, I however will not be holding my breath on a truly level playing field (sorry for the pun) being enforced.

  2. Gibbo

    I assume it's Goldbridge you're on about 🤔 What a Cockwomble 🤦 I'm sure he wouldn't be waffling on about spending if they get their takeover 🤔

  3. Kriswan Sully

    I don’t know why my fellow Newcastle fans are so defensive about the fact we’ve spent money on the team and in the background..if you want to be successful you need to spend loads of money. If we spent nowt we would still be a bottom half team.

  4. Jim Fell

    Nice one son, how come the knuckle draggers arn't complaining when the big six and others spend much more than us???? Maybe these poor excuses should be pitied not scorned but I don't think so.

  5. TaylorUsedToxic

    These clowns want to throw us in the same pile as Manchester City…

    We've had next to nothing for decades, whereas the establishment at the top has had endless injections of funding.

    It's envy, pure envy over us spending well with a fantastic manager.

  6. Richard Sales

    Nothing is ever gonna change they hate us with a passion we dont fit the click all we can do is keep on going if they don't like it tough tattie most ppl don't like change more so when its man u liverpool & chelsea that are not getting there own way boo hoo

  7. Scott Towers

    Another ridiculously stupid video this one.

    Goldbridge said now we're in the champions league, we won't drop out of it because we the money. He said this when we got the takeover, soon as we reach champions league we won't drop out of it.

    Goldbridge said absolutely nothing wrong or derogatory toward us, in fact it was the total opposite!

  8. Joel Thomson

    There's always going to be Media Muppets. Absolutely unavoidable. No point in wasting any time on them whatsoever. Plenty of positives for us to be focussing on at this point in time.

  9. Phil Ryan

    Well said dude. Most fans from Man U, Liverpool, Spurs and Chelsea. Are just jealous/salty, hypocritical, self-entitled morons. That can't stand fresh competition, that has destroyed their self-entitled established order and have been clever/smart about doing it. Without spending silly amounts of money like they have on players, who easily fall short of their expectations, have massive self-interested egos and can't play as a team. 😂

  10. Dynamics Detailing

    Across the last five seasons (including out going player fees) Newcastle have spent €387m.
    ManU – €611m
    Chelsea – 716m
    Arsenal – 549m
    Spurs – 378
    West Ham – 403
    Villa – 306
    Man City – 259
    Liverpool – 284

    All of the above teams have also received some really high sales revenue from outgoing players, which is taken into account.

  11. John Watson

    The people shouting about how much money Newcastle have spent ain’t worried about what we’ve achieved this season. But there arses are certainly twitching now because of what we have the potential to do in the future. There acting like spoiled little brats. Who can’t have it all there own way anymore. I love the fact we have them all rattled. Haway the lads. 😂😂😂👍

  12. FuzzyHacks

    To be honest i expected all the hatred/Hypocracy and media rants, it was going to come and this is only the start, it's going to get worse the more this team win.

    Do i as a Supporter for 36 years care about these no not really, let them be the way they are.

    Jealousy is a trait of the weak.

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