Newcastle United Can STILL Make This Season Special

Alex in the studio hosts Norman for their monthly Patreon exclusive podcast discussing what is going on at Newcastle United on the pitch. In this episode they touch on:

– Has Eddie found ‘the solution’ and is this why everyone is happy again after just one win?
– If a return to Howe’s NUFC 2022 was the answer all along – why did it take so long for NUFC to make those changes?
– The rest of the season – can we push for fifth?

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14 comentarios en “Newcastle United Can STILL Make This Season Special

  1. @alanthompson3780

    lads more than ever .we need to take 1 game at a time by winning simples before talking about 5th ..but villa do have arsenal ,man city , Liverpool in there last 8 games ??? we will find out tomorrow night at Chelsea were our record is awful if we have hope ??

  2. @geordiedog1749

    Alex – your “hypercritical question”. I think the answer is about stages of adverse change in the Toon squad. Which is an overly verbose way of saying injuries I suppose. We just don’t have the depth both in terms of that extra bit of ‘top six’ quality player and also I terms of the ability to rotate players in terms of avoiding fatigue. Football can be nuanced and it can be simple. I’d cry Occam Razor and go with lack of players.
    Wolves had lost their better players s up front of course. But I won’t listen to anyone who cries injuries in a game against us. The other thing, of course, is that we upset the wolves expectation of how we play. What’s good now is that Chelsea will not know how what they’re going to face on Monday.

  3. @geordiedog1749

    McGinn should have been booked at least three times when we played them. Spuds win looks good but it was an odd one. Villa looked fatigued. Anyway, fuck both of them. My two most loathed teams.
    Quick question/opinion. How many of our squad is top six quality?

  4. @dansnowden9147

    Villa will drop like a stone. 3 game ban now for McGinn – misses West Ham away, wolves H then City away. Need a stretch to think that’s likely 6 points dropped. So 5th is absolutely possible

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