Is Time Up For Callum Wilson? 🔄⚽

Hey Toon Army! 🔥 Join Paul in the latest episode of The Toon Review as he delves into the burning question: Is it time to bid farewell to Callum Wilson? 🤔⚽

In this insightful episode, Paul dissects the current situation surrounding the prolific striker and explores the potential scenarios Newcastle United might face in the upcoming summer transfer window. 🔄 Will the club finally cash in on Wilson, or does he still have a vital role to play at St James’ Park?

With injuries potentially taking their toll on the talented striker, Paul unravels the impact they might have on Wilson’s future and the team dynamics. 🤕 Don’t miss out on the in-depth analysis that could shape the Toon’s decisions in the upcoming transfer market!

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37 comentarios en “IS TIME UP FOR CALLUM WILSON?


    Wilson's time is way past over, along with some other players in the squad!
    It is Eddie Howe who worries me with his small time attitude which is all the more prevalent as we go along.
    He said in the summer when questioned that he had two quality strikers at the club knowing full well both were injury prone and would not entertain the possibility of a third striker coming in, yet he wastes 70 million on two defenders that do not play.
    Surely that transfer budget should have been used to address the holding midfielder and striking problem but no, Howe was unwilling to see what everyone else could for some reason and we have paid the price.

    I think Howe has to carry the can for a lot of the problems we have had this season due to his actions in the summer.
    I don't like some of the players being mentioned so far for the summer that stink of stagnation and small time if true.
    He said towards the end of the window just gone that his intention was to keep this squad together beyond this summer which is alarming if true.

    I know some will say in Howe we trust and have faith in the process, sorry, I don't after what has went down this season so far.
    I didn't want to go down this road of having a pop at Howe but his decisions and overall performance this season have left a lot to be desired and I don't know whether giving this man control of purse strings this summer is a good idea after last years window!

  2. @RichBaxterMusic

    But selling him means we need to buy 2 strikers. I think Wilson should be used as an impact sub as I think he can play 30 mins and we can see still use him. He just can't play 90 without breaking.

  3. @smitchelljsy

    It’s all down to ffp , we’re having to pinch all over the place . Last year midfield this year up front . Without ffp we would have cover no problems . Callum Wilson is class but needs us to be bossing teams he’s not someone to pull us along anymore

  4. @TheJohnboyhunter

    I do wonder if Isaks' injury issues are due to Callum Wilson being injured so often, and because we don't have a third striker to fill in while at least one of them (or at least Isak) has time to fully recover?

  5. @ianvincent5069

    Callum can still hit the back of the net and still looks sharp when he plays this was always a gaping hole in our squad we needed a minimum of 3 strikers the solution for me is we need a third striker rotate the main two strikers and have wilson as the third striker for both of them and replace wilson with a youngster when we find the right one but wilson still has a couple of seasons left as an impact sub

  6. @wackyangler2

    I could be wrong but I think Wilson was out the last few times you played Bournemouth. I hear willock has also apparently had a set back in his recovery another player who's a 10 game per season if that serious reinforcements needed in summer

  7. @simonskeen3893

    Seriously you think this is a video to put out there, yes you keep callum as a third striker or else you end up with 2 strikers again. There is no issue with Dan Burn until next season check the stats he does unreal work for the team.

  8. @micky1858

    I think the main reasons we never got a striker after CW departure was FFP and maybe they didn't envisage the horrendous injury list we had/have? Maybe they thought they could play Isak then use Wilson as a back up and should/when Wilson gets injured use Gordon there. But Id defo agree, we need shot of him imo. I think he is a fantastic forward but he's too much like a Tampax….. In one week out three 🤷🏼‍♂

  9. @RA-A_AsylumRacer

    Think Newcastle have their eye on maybe a couple of top strikers to go for in summer, then Wilson will go. They just keeping everything to themselves like they always do. Would love to grab Elanga from Forest with his pace.

  10. @skilla20

    Love Callum Wilson always rated him but its clear now the time has come for him to be moved on.

    It's not just the injuries (although that's a huge part of it), when i watched him in the UCL this season he just looked a little bit out of his depth at times coming up against more intelligent defenders. You can also visibly see that his pace is starting to leave his legs which was once his biggest asset, he struggles to get away from players these days it's almost sad to see.

    Big window this summer for the board players like Wilson, Dan Burn, Jacob Murphy/Almiron etc all need to be upgraded if we want to take a step forward.

  11. @davetrueman6354

    Wilson has to be realistic about his future. We have to bring in a new striker, hopefully one that can elevate us. He would then be rotated with Isak, and Wilson would become 3rd choice. If Wilson is happy with this role as back up then that’s great for us as we’d then have 3 quality strikers. If however he’s not, then he has to be moved on. He’s been a good servant for us (when fit) but at his age he will be more prone to injury which is of little use to us.

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