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In this episode, our host Paul dives deep into the swirling rumours surrounding Newcastle United’s defensive lineup. Brace yourselves, Toon Army, as the possibility of Lascelles and Manquillo bidding farewell to the Magpies looms large on the horizon. Are we witnessing a changing of the guard in the defensive ranks?

But that’s not all – the missed opportunity alarm is ringing loud and clear! Join Paul as he breaks down the latest on Newcastle’s pursuit of Guirassy. The release clause saga has taken an unexpected turn, leaving fans wondering if the ship has sailed for the coveted striker.

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44 comentarios en “DEFENDERS ON THE WAY OUT? | NUFC NEWS

  1. @psa101

    lascelles gets a bad rep, he has never let us down, never complained when he was left out of the team. He can still do a job for sure . he would be better centrally in a back 3 or 5 rather than a back 4 but that isnt his fault. When called upon recently he has had some great games, he has had less bad games than Burn or Trippier

  2. @normansidey5258

    Hi Paul, good to see you back in front of the camera. I hope you keep well. Incidentally this is first time I have watched you for a couple of days as I had a cataract operation on Tuesday, however, It doesn’t made you look any prettier, (ha ha) just joking mate.

  3. @southerngeordie4511

    Considering how this season has gone, I’d let him go and get as much money as possible. Plus his wages would be off the books. Krafth and Dummett will do for the rest of the season. Alex Murphy there top. If we were fighting for too 4 or still in CL it’s a definite keep, but as we’re neither of those things – it makes sense to sell him now.
    Manquillo on the other hand – him leaving is the most exciting bit of news I’ve heard since we signed Isak and Botman (sorry, last summer didn’t buzz me the same). One deadwood off the books, about another 12 to go!

  4. @joshdo2437

    For me if Lascelles wants to stay fair enough, but otherwise I would say for us it is finally the appropriate time to sell. We gave him his moment to briefly reclaim his mantle and I think it is better potentially for him to leave now, while he would appreciated, as opposed to waiting till a downswing and being another anchor and having fans forget all he has given us. Plus his value is as high as it would be.

  5. @clvecooledge2407

    Maxi wasnt dead wood yet he was sold thru some bollocks called ffp I think Eddie missed the boat with maxi look how this season has gone.I understand maxi was not going to be a regular 1st team player but wow what a player to have on the bench when needed we would not have lost half those games we lost this season perhaps it's my wishful thinking of wanting maxi back at st James park.

  6. @Looney-toon

    Good to see you back Paul 👍, I would give lascells a 1 years contract extension and sell him in the summer, we can't afford to lose any players this month, I can't believe no team chose to exploit that low Guirassy transfer fee, something fishy going on their.

  7. @FUBARsteve

    I know we won’t get much for Lascelles and Manquillo, but what it would do is make £75k a week available in wages. So perhaps the powers that be have a signing lined up and they are just getting all of their ducks in a line to comply with FFP? Just a thought.

  8. @kathchandler4919

    I like and respect Lascelles, to leave now under his own steam means his link with our club will remain untarnished & he can take up this offer & leave with his head held high , such a loyal player, allow him this 👏 👍

  9. @marktaylor2056

    Thing is botman, burn, dummett and Murphy are all left footers. Krafth is a rb. Would only have schar as a right footed cb. Way things have gone this season you can guarantee 3rd feb schar injured for season. For manquillo 4th choice rb he can go with best wishes.

  10. @TnGamer-mp7fc

    Lacelles and Manquilo should both go for me if can get fees however much we get and wages off wage bill. We have cover in these positions so don’t need. Great servants for the club and wish them well for the future.

  11. @stutoon2755

    Give the man a contract and he can step in whenever we need him. Not out of his depth in the PL and Newcastle are years away from being able to field elite players in every position week in and week out.

  12. @jax-nmusicne

    I think Lascelles should go out on a high having helped us this season, and played in massive games. He’s ageing now and isn’t top 4 standard, especially with the ball at his feet. Thank him for his service, and get some coin now.

  13. @ianvincent5069

    Lascelles should be given a new contract unless we have a new pair of cbs lined up manquillo and all the players on loan should be moved on but behind lascelles there isn't really anyone at cb i'd want to see in our first 11

  14. @happinesstan

    Assuming joint salary of £100k for the two, if we can get 6 million for the two that's a 30 million transfer, amortised over 5 years. Could be Ederson. Or it could be a more reasonable price for Phillips. Would Phillips accept 100k per week?

  15. @happinesstan

    Krafth and Dummett will be our back-ups until the summer. If we were still competing on four fronts it would be insanity to let him go, but I think we can take a gamble. If he wants to go.

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