Luton Town humble Newcastle United | True Faith NUFC Podcast

Alex hosts Si, Charlotte and Adam Clery to talk through Newcastle United 1 Luton Town 0. We discuss:

Horrific away for continues – why do NUFC keep doing the same things over and over away from home and expect different results?
Does Howe’s refusal to accept NUFC have a problem away stop there being a solution
Fan reaction to this result seems different to others – is it a problem
Howe’s subs in the first half – panic button pressed?
Loads, loads more

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27 comentarios en “Luton Town humble Newcastle United | True Faith NUFC Podcast

  1. @TheThejatsman

    I have been saying it ALL season, 3 5 2. We have bought two fantastic wing backs livramento, hall and Tripps of course who can slot into the 3 at the back, we can play Gordon or Wilson or Issak up front. Eddie tried it pre-season and said we would need it and has NEVER used it. It is perfect for away games, especially if we need to hold on to a lead and nick a second on the counter and it would nullify wingers breaking through and shore up the defense without Botman. It is baffling me that Eddie identified this problem pre-season and yet doesn't use it and sticks to 4-3-3. This is what eventually cost him his job at Bournemouth. And Charlotte STOP messing with your bloody nails lol Merry xmas

  2. @alexanderlinton6946

    If you think of Pep and Man City, one of their strengths is that no players are safe, and there is always a replacement of high quality in your position.

    I think that level of not being complacent and having the winning mentality of needing to be 9/10 every game or you lose your place helps.

  3. @yogihightower

    Once again the glaring problem is we lack creativity. We have selfish wingers that have no end product and workman like midfielders with no flair or zip that can find wilson or isak in the right areas. Bruno is fantastic but he is to deep to assist or create. Burn offers nothing in the creativity department, tripper is creative but is untrustworthy in defence and is howes favourite regardless.
    Slow, easy option, sideways and backwards football is exactly what bruce got chased out of the city for. We lack abilty plain and simple, passing more than 3 times is rare. We surrender possession far to easily and with possession we play so slow and sideways we may as well not have it.

    Loose against Sunderland and i will be firmly in the howe out camp, that will be unforgivable.

    That bloke in the grey jumper is having a laugh. We had a very strong line up against luton. What is his excuse for the beginning of the season. The we are tired and injured excuse is becoming beyond a joke. We are tired is our new motto, humiliating.
    2nd edit
    Don't mind loosing but its the way we loose i take issue with, everton, spurs, Bournemouth, luton completely and totally humiliated us, its bruceball but we are terrible at defending. No up side to the way we are playing away from home.

  4. @levstone415

    Luton dominated and were unlucky to lose to late Liverpool and Arsenal goals – so I was expecting a tough match and 'hoping' for a draw. I have listened to the first 7 minutes and none of you guys have mentioned Luton's form!

  5. @jamiefender6909

    Another great considered discussion. I felt for Miley because it would seem to suggested he was hooked for the ball just clearing his head in the box. Just when we needed the VAR line to be drawn in our favour too, a la Liverpool last season it wasn’t.

  6. @BaronSpamedi

    Wilson can't beat a man to save his life, and his touch has looked poor for most of this season. He's constantly kicking the ball into the defenders legs when he miscontrols it. Isak has looked off the pace since his injury problems, and hasnt done particulary well when played as a striker.
    Almiron has sadly returned to type, following last seasons purple patch. He's full of running, but he can't finish and can't put in a decent final ball.
    The lack of options on the bench due to injuries has exacerbated these problems.

    Hopefully, we can get a striker and right winger in January. Obviously, FFP restricts us somewhat, but we need real quality in this window. We dont need kids for the future, or benchwarmers, this time around.

  7. @mickking5042

    7th and hammer 5under1and will do – lets qualify and win that Europa Conference just please win a trophy before I pop me clogs – Mick 63 1st match 1973 v Chelsea – also I love Bruno but he cant shoot or hit the target needs to work on that

  8. @MarkWeir-cr5tk

    We were only team not to score at Luton, we have missed not having a number 6 who would drop the runners and protect the Bach 4. It still puzzles me why that signing was not made and away from home it’s more important. However not panicking, bit of a crisis but I still think he is the best manager to lead our club unless Pep is free. The amount of games has also not allowed him to coach and train his players which is his normal style and has resulted in lots of player improvement, I sense that is a major issue for Eddie at the moment

  9. @sreychheng

    Great discussion 👍 We’re just struggling to maintain our form consistently compared to last season given the added fixtures and not having the squad depth needed to do so. Note how we bounced back after the away loss to Bournemouth due to the international break. Get a few signings in and guys back from injury and we should be fine

  10. @stevedawson3082

    I'm sad but we've been pretty sh*t most of my 50 plus years as a supporter. We're going to lose sometimes and have tough periods. We've got an excellent young hard working manager. The futures bright.

  11. @tomruddell9099

    There clearly is a problem. For me Eddie rewarded last seasons performances with their place this season when they were clearly not good enough. We’re seeing this with his team selections. He needs to learn fast this Jan or he’s done

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