Kalvin Phillips is reported to prefer a move to Newcastle in January, with a loan to buy move being the option available to Eddie Howe. And is Phillips a better fit than Sandro Tonali? What would this mean for the Italian’s future at the club?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. James Cummings

    I think we still got the best to see from tonali. Obviously he new what was coming playing with knowing what is coming must have been shit for himself. He will come bk with that weight of his shoulders.

  2. Ed Douglas

    Bruno 1 million percent doesn't want to play number 8. Howe wants him to be involved in the attacks, but Bruno doesn't want to run himself into persistent injuries. Hence the 100 mill release clause – he wants out if it's a choice between running up and down as a number 8 or going somewhere where he can be a proper 6.

  3. Jack Burton

    I could be wrong but I think Tonali was brought to the club so we could control games with UCL in mind. Philips is definitely an Eddie Howe player, and he can stop the transitions that hurt us.

  4. kipp

    I disagree wholly. Sandro is way better than Philips.
    He runs around like a headless chicken and doesn't know what to do once he actually gets the ball.
    He's shite at passing and has no pace, never rated him at Leeds either.
    How he gets in the England squad ahead of Longstaff is beyond me, the fuzzy haired wazzoc is shite I don't want him at my club.


    I think he would thrive at the Toon in the DM role. Push Bruno further up and Kalvin would get the crowd going and the Newcastle fans energy would bring the best out of Kalvin Phillips tbh and he’s got Eddie Howe player wrote all over him. It could certainly work and at best we have another DM in the squad Bruno would help out in the midfield too with Joe Linton playing off the forwards

  6. RH

    We didn’t think Tonali would be that number 6. Anybody who’s watched seria A knows Tonali would play anywhere across a 3 in midfield and his preferred is on the right side

  7. Old Angry Noob Gamer

    Don't believe anything anyone says anymore untill player on pitch hold up his shirt it's all pie in the sky look at the lists of player that come out before window that are dead set on joining toon they all ready bought houses there kids are all ready in toon schools only for them to never been interested in toon Maddison perfect example

  8. Ronald Wood

    Tonali knew what he done and we wouldn't have got him from AC if they didn't know. He is a good player and owes us now.

    Kalvin Phillips coming to the Toon wll ruin his international career with donkey face in charge but I will tek the two.

  9. Active Arron

    I don’t think it will be the last we see of Tonali. I think the clubs smarter than that these days. I think we knew about the betting thing. Signed him at a good price to ultimately be Bruno’s replacement when Barca or Real come knocking in a season or 2

  10. Vinchenzo C

    Nowhere near as quick/ fast as Tonali.. He's on a different level in that area.. Tonali has made a mistake just like all of us. He'll be back stronger and will be ❤ed at Newcastle.

  11. James Milligan

    Tonalis guna make all you people supporting him look like idiots.
    Hes lied from the start, Italians dont generally play their best abroad, hes overated, & hes jepordised Toons most important season for 20 years – f**k Tonali…..twat!!!

  12. Big Dom

    Phillips would be a fantastic signing for us loan to buy would be even better getting regular football would improve his game no end and get him back to the quality midfielder he was at the Euros

  13. Ian Steventon

    The good news is once man city and Chelsea get relegated ( I think they will) we will be in a good place to really challenge. I'm not sure we will ever have the finances to completely compete ( ffp doing what it's intended to do) with liVARpool while our owners keep plowing mega money buying their pensioners! Definitely take Phillip's lol , woke up grumpy 😡 ere 😂

  14. Kendo

    Seems a good option (dare I say gamble?!😂) and ability to rotate longstaff who looked knackered and leggy. Cracking player but hopefully loan to buy includes some injury clause

  15. The Zyg

    I have this bad feeling that Tonali was signed as a long term replacement for Bruno, this stuff with his contract and the big Spanish sides sniffing around. I have doubts we'll have him for as long as we'd like.

  16. 2coinaphrase

    Sorry but we are not forgetting about Tonali. He is our player, we support him and he’ll come back stronger than ever l 💪 I’d have Phillips though. We desperately need options in the anchor position

  17. Roger Cook

    A definite yes from me. I've bleeped on for a couple of years about a DM. Tonali is a quality player, with issues. He's not a 6 IMO.
    IF we land KP (🤞) then in 10 mouths Tonali returns, we'll have a world class midfield.

  18. manakara

    Howe would be an idiot to trust Tonali again after he lied his way into the team. I wouldn't even have him on the training ground or anywhere near the other lads. He'll gamble again if he isn't already doing it. Send him back where he came from. Harsh? YOU BET I'M HARSH ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, AND PISSED OFF BIG TIME. GET HIM GONE.

  19. sam bog

    decent player but never gets a game, gotta wonder about attitude if happy just to sit on the bench.
    we arent buying the player he was at leeds, we buying guy who never plays!!! 30 mill max on transfer

  20. Combine

    Can’t agree with your thoughts on Tonali. You don’t know how Howe has decided to play him,I thought the same but we don’t know what happens in training. For me with the betting problem in his mind it’s going to effect his game. Howe I’m sure knows the player better than us , so let’s support him and not give bad press

  21. George Morley

    Loan to buy seems a sensible route, got to think about that FFP. Plus I think he wants to get out before City are relegated to the North West Counties Football League with their cumulative 1,150 point deduction…

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