Can Newcastle United even put out a team anymore?

Charlotte and Alex lament NUFC’s defeat at Bournemouth purely because they were UNFAIRLY made to play the fixture. We also talk through Bruno’s ‘punishment’ for being suspended and Eddie Howe’s terrible disguise to go to the Hoppings unnoticed.

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21 comentarios en “Can Newcastle United even put out a team anymore?

  1. Brian Quinn

    #asktftv Given his proven theatrical smile and wave , do you think Jacob Murphy would make a good pantomime dame , .And what other panto roles could be given to our class lads to help them recover from squad injuries and prepare for the festive period . Im thinking your lad might make a fine Buttons Charlotte .

  2. Geordiedog

    Yeah. Newcastle should have just rung in sick.
    There are some rules regarding this, as it happens. Kevin Keegan was allowed to call off a game v QPR but didn’t and Sinclair and Sir Les had a field day!
    Bruno does love karaoke – he sings to My old Man’s A Dustman his song. Over and over.
    Chelsea looked like they were getting their act together and then SAP happened to them. Snort!

  3. Seattle Geordie

    Wow, where to start. How about Eddie, make sure you wear a big sombrero next time you go to the Hoppins do not need you out with sunstroke. (By the way #asktftv whatever happened to the Little Hoppins used to be off the Leazes Park and Barrack Road? usually came around May?). About the pint with Eddie, he would have obviously punched MD in the face and MD would have said " I guess I will take that as a maybe". As far as all the injuries we need to come up with none footballing events, like a dance off in the parking lot? or a game of pitch and toss behind the bike shed? or with a baker's dozen out a bake-off, Anthony Gorden with some Bakewell Tarts, or Joelinton with a Rum Butter Babka or Miggy doing some Breakfast Baps (especially when he doesn't know what the hell a Bap is?) Charlotte mentioned her slight stalking problem being at The Vitality because of its size. I assume Kennelworth Park is totally out?😄Great show as always just totally bummed out because of the sad state of the team.😐

  4. Karen DeWig

    #asktftv I had to look up The Hoppings – the best equivalent for us USA Mags seems to be the State Fair. I'm curious how The Hoppings' "gourmet cuisines" compare to State Fair food. Would you be able to enjoy deep fried pickles, giant turkey legs, or Frito Pie, as we can here in New Mexico?

  5. Ian Hepple

    Amanda, Mehrdad and the guy who sells programs on matchday have been spotted in training this week, rumour has it that they will be on the bench for our next game at home to Chelsea 🙂

  6. yama1

    This isn't normal these injuries nearly the whole team out what is happening in training we'll be playing a whole reserve team shortly nearly there now 🙈

  7. Paul Walton

    Wouldn't surprise me if, masters,klopp artita and co have brought in a voodoo shaman ta mek voodoo dolls of all our team and are sticking pins in em as we speak!! 😅🤪🤕😵‍💫😳

  8. Graham Murry

    As a Cherries fan (born in Bournemouth) and an Eddie Howe /Newcastle fan the Cherries needed/deserved to win. When Eddie Had a similar injury problem, Bournemouth got relegated. Just trust Eddie to take Newcastle to where you and your fantastic fans belong, winning trophies. Love this channel, always makes me smile 😃

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