East Stand EXTENSION Plan To Make St. James’ Park 2nd BIGGEST Stadium In England For Euro 2028!!

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29 comentarios en “East Stand EXTENSION Plan To Make St. James’ Park 2nd BIGGEST Stadium In England For Euro 2028!!

  1. Lofty85

    A reckon 65 is max we would b able to go without moving the stadium. Surely level 7 can’t go any higher please non more stairs 😂. Really positive this just can’t wait to see the work starting

  2. Joshua Logan-ross

    We could fill a 85,000 seater stadium never mind 65k.

    It would be brilliant to have the expansion, it's just a shame we aren't able to go all out for the big numbers! I know we are restricted by not being able to be bigger in capacity than Wembley.

    But we should be pushing for the maximum possible. We would fill it without a problem week in week out.
    Hopefully we do get some movement on a capacity increase soon and we can start pushing the boundaries of what we can do

  3. Ronny Gill

    I’d have two suggestions for our glorious owners. 1 – bring the crowd as close as possible to the pitch. I’m sure we could squeeze another couple of rows on each side and we’d be right on top of the players, amplifying further the insane power of the toon army. 2 – keep a couple of thousand for walk-in, they’d be guaranteed to sell and would give expats like me a slither of hope that I’ll ever see this crazy new team on one of my occasional visits home.

  4. Johnson Street IEMD

    IMHO 65k isn't enough .. its great to hear more are going yo get in … but those who come now and again, will they get in when we have 65k .. we're gonna be packed there. Howe Way the lads 🖤 🤍 🖤

  5. David Riall

    I’m an interior architect and work in the construction industry and I would be shocked if they have both stands upgraded by 2028. I think there is a good chance that the east stand could be upgraded by then if they can get over the current hurtles that are preventing it right now.


    Best thing about St James is we can put the away fans up in the Gods because of how the seating plan is set out. We are the only team in the league (I think) that can get away with it due to how our seats are set out.

    So glad we aren't leaving st James, it's becoming the most lethal place for away fans to come. The flag displays are brilliant since away fans aren't pitchside and if we ever moved stadium we would end up having to put away fans pitchside.

    St James is brilliant for an away day, close to pubs, restaurants, transport etc etc. These new stadiums totally ruin atmosphere due to how they are built. West Ham are a great club but their stadium is horrific for building an atmosphere.

  7. Peter Price

    If the increase in capacity for SJP goes ahead – the list of trade offs will be: reduced capacity while building is going on; (the way things are going) Will 65,000 capacity actually be enough long term(?); We still won’t own the land that the stadium is on; [finally] Design constraints will restrict what the stadium will look like. Darren Eales must be looking back with some nostalgia at the fantastic Atlanta FC stadium he helped to create. Any Newcastle fan who was there pre-season will know exactly what I’m talking about.

  8. Chris Taylor

    I cannot wait to see the plans as the owners will employ the best architects. Some of the buildings in Saudi Arabia are amazing so it’ll be a really innovative design to get around the constraints of the listed buildings etc. Have you seen that Line City they are doing that goes for 106 miles in the desert? St James Park redevelopment will be a piece of p*sh for them to design and build!!

  9. Lee Douglas

    I've got a theory….

    The reason Longstaff, Burn and Gordon can't get into the England squad is to scare other talented English players away from playing for Newcastle, thus helping to keep us weak.
    We're not welcome at the big boys table. We've had some very shadey refereeing decisions go against us costing us points. They tried to stop the takeover and now you'll be blacklisted by Southgate.

  10. steve pearce

    Great news! Our Cathedral On The Hill is the biggest building in the city and can be seen from miles away – especially while travelling northwards on the A1. That already makes it an intimidating structure and that's before teams have to enter the cauldron of passion that the fans provide. Extending it will increase that but it would be nice to actuall ymake it look more like a cathedral with spires on each corner bearing flag poles flying giant Toon flags!

  11. Ian A

    Your hard work is really appreciated 👍. Would be brilliant if Burn got an England cap, but it’s not very likely. I think we would fill an 80,000 stadium, and we could use all that lovely money. If they enclose the ground on all sides I hope they take the acoustics into account so the noise is amplified 😆😂🤪

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