MBAPPE’S MISERY | Newcastle 4-1 PSG

True Geordie reacts to last nights Champions League game which saw Newcastle United batter PSG 4-1 at home.

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25 comentarios en “MBAPPE’S MISERY | Newcastle 4-1 PSG

  1. Andy Black

    Our most important signing for Newcastle has been Howe. Listening to his interview on The High Performance podcast and you can see why he gets so much out of his players. How can you not love a team that gives their all like that. And the crowd were immense. I was at the Feyenoord game. Wish I'd been at this one. We'll remember this game forever.

  2. Adi J

    Great goals and wonderful work ethic in the press .. but these were 1 in 20 shots and not a result of high quality chances.. happy for Newcastle and the amazing crowd .. but this is clearly a one off and top 4 this season is very doubtful

  3. LGC

    fair fuckin play newcastle. Anyone that says it’s money are delusional, it’s the prem everyone is rich. Nottingham Forest spent more in the last 2 years then real madrid ffs so fuck em. Trips is unbelievable he’s the best RB in the world right now in my opinion, defensively, going forward, set pieces, mentality he’s got the fuckin lot. (neutral fan)

  4. Mellowado

    Newcastle has a great local fan base, its great to you winning. It wont be long before you have terrace songs in Cockney accents, like the Manchester teams 🤣

  5. fadedjem

    One massive innovation this past week has been the players all getting into working the crowd up and conducting the noise after every tackle and every attack. If they can make that a fixture of our home games then we'll go up another level, though that might be something the lads need to save for the massive occasions.

  6. Steve Cooke

    It's coming to a point, we need to clear some space for the Howe/Tindall statue. It was being joked about on talksport, but I'm seriously up for that. He's already achieving enough to start that conversation

  7. Bas

    I've noticed Eddie Howe is a manager that LEARNS with every game from what opposition teams present to his tactics…he is on a learning process to… getting better and BETTER!!! With each problem presented he finds a solution…I personally think he deliberately had Newcastle defend against Manchester city at the Etihad this season…to sharpen his defence to get them battle tested against future confrontations. I think the Liverpool game Eddie got worked up with klopps mind games ( welcome to the high level of the premiership) as klopp actually ( even though he doesn't admit it) fears Newcastle…..

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