PRESS CONFERENCE | Eddie Howe pre-Sheffield United (A)

Eddie Howe faces the media ahead of Sunday’s trip to Bramall Lane to face Sheffield United.

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37 comentarios en “PRESS CONFERENCE | Eddie Howe pre-Sheffield United (A)

  1. Tony

    Longstaff is amazing, he just needs to get good at finishing. He had several big chances last season that he, not only missed goal, but finished very poorly.

  2. Julie Husband

    Eddie have so much Respect for our Manager works 24/7 for us some questions bug u from journalists same must apply to Eddie.
    He does A an incredible job for us so much more to come I believe in this team.As I believe In Eddie .
    Just hope he’s still enjoying the job .As outside noises from National Press have certain Agenda.In.Eddie is loved.xx

  3. Liam Wilson Wright

    I find him boring personally media wise, he speaks a lot but he doesn't really say anything just repeats the same thing in another way basically.

    I also think he did a great job last season but is yet to really get going this season, he protects some players to much for me instead of challenging them.

    I also don't agree spending 70 million on 2 players he is yet to even give a minute to yet, I also think Anderson is to young and too inexperienced even at Premier league level but has potential for the future but we need more dangerous players going forward with a lot more threat like a odegard type but Anderson has a while to go before reaching those levels.

    Overall with the players we do have we are doing well, we still have championship players in our squad in places and need much more investment before we become a top top side again, we are years off still.

  4. Simko Markaz

    there is no excuse any more

    the milan match was not good

    milan was bad-newcastle was worse

    otherwise you can win the match at san siro when you can play counterattack

    at sheffield we have to win

    no draw-it would be a defeat

    no excuse

    victories in a row

    newcastle is now cl-therefore victories

  5. George Morley

    I don’t think we’re bad, I just think we’re stale and predictable moving forward. We don’t move with purpose and play quick balls to the feet of our strikers, we seem laboured in how we build up and mount our attacks. There are certain very incisive players like Willock and Joelinton missing that mean the midfield balance is very wing heavy and the centre lacks punch because Tonali isn’t there yet and Bruno is below par. Room for improvement. I trust it’s coming.

  6. Geordiedog

    I thought that Nick Pope made saves that I would expect a premier ‘keeper to make. I love Nick – don’t get me wrong – but I really think he’s done what expected rather than maybe something spectacular. I think he’s quite capable of the spectacular but I think the display was utterly resolute and solid but the saves were there to be made. Too harsh….?

  7. A W

    The media are starting to put pressure on newcastle and create a negative narrative. Newcastle fans more than ever need to show our support for Eddie and the Team.

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