ESCENAS: ¡Newcastle se clasifica para la Liga de Campeones de fútbol!

Los fanáticos en St. James’ Park estaban en modo fiesta cuando Newcastle United aseguró el punto necesario para clasificarse para la Liga de Campeones de la próxima temporada. . Con Football + Fitness en un solo lugar, hay más para amar en Optus Sport 👉 ========================== Para las últimas actualizaciones, síganos en : ►TIKTOK: ►TWITTER: ►FACEBOOK: ►INSTAGRAM: Optus Sport es el hogar de la Premier League, LaLiga, J.League, FA Women’s Super League y FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023. #OptusSport #PremierLeague #NEWLEI

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40 comentarios en “ESCENAS: ¡Newcastle se clasifica para la Liga de Campeones de fútbol!

  1. A K

    Newcastle could've smashed Leicester, but opted to keep the EPL exciting till the last weekend. Just like Gunners losing to Forest. Rigged Premier League

  2. Hishaam Hussain

    Congratulations Newcastle United qualifying for the champions league and Eddie Howe turned the team on it's head and St James park going to be electric next season I believe they gonna win League Cup FA Cup possibly reach SF of UCL

  3. N K

    There is going to be a rude awakening next season for Newcastle. And the only thing thats going to save Eddie Howe is this seasons false dawn.

  4. Phiaklang Tangjang

    Now get Maddison, one quality left back, one quality right back and couple of centre backs as well, we gotta have quality in depth to have a got in the UCL, and probably a winger who doesn't just run but produce goals as well

  5. spptube

    Congratulations Newcastle United. Great achievement to break into the top 4. Eddie Howe has been a brilliant manager for them. With more good signings in the summer, they will look to get better.

  6. Love football

    Yea everyone praising Newcastle and city going on and on about how good they are dis dat but we all know that is because the owners simple as that so why is all the media and pundit saying no to man united getting a owner like this that just wants to win

  7. Ezra Ezra

    Hopefully, Newcastle United will be a big dark horses in the Champions League.
    They might repeat the likes of Leeds United in 2001 by reaching the semifinals.
    It will be a difficult journey to face the likes of Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, PSG, Barcelona, and so on, but nothing is impossible.

  8. R J ToonMags

    From being in the championship at the end of 2015/2016’s season to UCL at the end of 2022/2023. Never in my wildest dreams did I think this would happen. Thank you Eddie, the players and the rest of the team that have made this possible. 🙏🏽

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