KEEP OR SELL? Who Will Eddie Howe Keep At Newcastle United! 2022/23 Season



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00:00 Introduction
01:35 Goalkeeper
06:40 Right Back
09:04 Left Back
13:44 Centre Back
19:12 Midfield
28:50 Wingers
34:38 Strikers
39:12 Overview

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44 comentarios en “KEEP OR SELL? Who Will Eddie Howe Keep At Newcastle United! 2022/23 Season

  1. Phoenix Fire

    Woodman only has one year. Its sell or extend now, no loan as he'll be a free and I think we should sell – maybe put a cheeky buy back clause like Man City?
    Agree with rest of the keepers, unless we get a ball playing keeper, no need to buy for sake of buying. Most of the keepers in the gossip columns are not ball playing.

    Agree, Krafth earned his place as second choice. Manquillo all depends if we can move him on.

    Again, we now have Targett, Dummett and Burn as cover, should be fine. There has been talk of getting someone like Raum who could become world class but I don't see it happening because we need to spend the money on a RW, Striker, CB and maybe another ball playing midfielder first so will not have enough this Summer.

    Agree, no need to move Lascelles on but if an offer comes our way I think we should consider it. Definitely need a quality CB. Fernandez was a great servant and is a model professional by all accounts but I just don't see him needed. Dummett will be 5th choice cover for the season.

    Agree, Shelvey has to stay as we have let go of Hayden so he is the only player we have that naturally plays at the base of a 3 man-midfield – can play Bruno there but he has a habit to wander out of place to try and get a tackle in and that leaves space ala Iwobi's goal for Everton when we lost 1-0. Hendrick sell to championship squad, maybe get 1m, while Anderson needs to go to a good championship squad. Let's see if he is as good as people say. I would send him to a team which creates a lot. Matty Longstaff, sorry I just don't think he's good enough. He didn't set the world alight despite playing in lower league football, don't see him becoming a top premier league footballer. We don't need Sean for homegrown quota, 8 is easy to fill. We need Sean for home-made quota if we ever qualify for Europe. Look at our squad: Dummett , Woodman, Longstaff x 2, Anderson and Watts. Right now only 2 of those would make our squad meaning we will have to leave SIX empty spaces. We need to make a few more players and that's why I think Dan Ashworth has an eye on under 21's, specifically 18 and under.

    ASM stays unless we get a 50m offer. Almiron is the only left footed player on the wings, so really need another left footer. Murphy has utility, can play at full back but all depends on what we can get in. Diaby would be amazing but I would also love to poach Johnson from Forest, I think he could be as good as Sterling. Would sell Almiron/ Murphy though if we can get a decent offer and bring in a replacement.

    Gayle's time to go – plenty of Championship clubs want him. Would love a world class striker as Wilson is injured half the season. We need Wood as cover, I'd keep him unless we got a £15m bid. Ekitike is a complete unknown, a little worried by his lack of pedigree (struggle in Danish league season before) and really only had a short purple patch – we all saw Willock have a purple patch then struggle. He also has the muscle injury issues which could be serious give his young age. We'll have to see, would love someone like Osimhen but I know it's wishful thinking.


    with miggy i have always said this we bought him in and where is his best position i can tell you its not cm its not as a winger its cam but we dont play a system that utilises a cam so he has been shifted here there and everywhere and to the lads credit he gets on with it but its unfair to say he isnt good enough when he hasnt ever played in his prime position for nufc

  3. Paul Gardner

    Woodman isn’t good enough he will b away with darlow, Gillespie will stay cos he’s on a low wage we will sign nick pope imo then hopefully Botman, ekitike, paqueta, Fernandez will b brought in ??

  4. Joshua Logan-ross

    Good content.

    I agree with most to be fair…
    I feel like we will sign 3 more first team players. And 2 young prospect additions to rotate within the squad.

    Sign a –

    Then prospect sign –

    If we can sign players that push our current starting line up if not replace a few at times, then we have a great chance as long as we sign a good few in.

    Im praying thag callum Wilson has that 1 season where he can stay fit, it's be a dream, because he's really one of the best out and out strikers out there. If he stays fit, he gets around 20 goals a season.

    We have to remember that Dan ashworth is in now, and if you watched his interviews and know about his role. He concentrates on evaluation current quality levels etc through the teams and youths. He states he would rather use a player from the academy or a back up if possible. And then they will try to sign more great young prospect to grow with the squad. So the likelihood is, we will ony purchase players that he really sees as a first team gap. But he knows what he's doing so let's leave him to it

  5. Jordan Shand

    Personally think people were so quick to forget how well Darlow filled in for Dubravka in the 2020/21 season! I'd personally keep them both (rotate them for cup fixtures) and give one of the youngsters a reserve role.

  6. Sonny

    14:58 my problem with clark rejecting the loan was, fair enough if you don’t want to go on loan to somewhere far away when your family are up here but the offer was literally to go to Middlesbrough and he’s chose to sit in the reserves and collect his cash

  7. J

    Is it me or does anyone else seriously think Dubravka is one of the best keepers in the league? I think Dubravkas only weak point is he struggles to kick the ball out, on his day he’s up there with the best shot shoppers in the league.

  8. 13guns

    I'd honestly keep who ever wants to stay. No matter who's on the pitch. Teams need depth, injuries will happen and if people are up for that role. They'll always get game time. Trim down if you have to. Guys are pretty worthless. Only gonna loan to perm them anyways. End up costing us in replacements. Better with the devil you know imo, than some random cheap buys. Just want guys who are committed to the project, who either want to fight for a place or are willing to accept the situation. I also think ex starters creates a level of competition, knowing a few bad games and you're joining them. They know the club and all. Style everything.

  9. BillyfromConsett

    95% agreement.
    But very hard on Chris Wood – he's scored a lot of goals throughout his domestic and international career. He's defended set pieces too.
    I'd keep Miggy – there's hope EH can get the best out of him. Matty and perhaps Anderson should probably be loaned to a championship club.

  10. Michael L.

    I think Lewis will stay. I have no idea why we kept Dummett, he'll be injured for 50%+ of games so he can't actually provide backup, and Burn won't be getting pushed out there unless it's an absolute emergency.

  11. Seamus Moriarty

    Wood out, both right out agree fraser over to right, Willock under Howe can cover the left and right in a forward position takes direction well, very stong good feet can hold it up if need to play that tactic. Shelvey should possibly move on if offer is there and lascelles the same, great service give but that time possibly passed now. Nostalgia is well and good but once this new season kicks off its a whole new animal and we will be going nuts for the table position.
    Hi ho hi ho……

  12. Morgul Blade

    Lewis was injured m8. I think Eddie wants to work with him. Dummet is there for his testimonial as a pr exercise. Which in fairness, is great, bring back legends, and we go watch the game.

  13. PatrickStarfishman

    Keepers sell all 2, buy 1 as competition and promote Langley.

    Defence. Agree on RB and LB. Sell fed and Clark, buy 1 and promote 1

    CM sell hendrick and loan matty loan elliot buy 1 in

    Up front sell gate buy in 1 more

    LW 2 keeps
    RW sell one keep the other but buy a class RW as a new starter

    So overall sell 10, sign 6 including target (so 5 more) 1GK 1CB 1CAM 1ST 1LW/LAM

  14. AnthonyUK

    Only one I disagreed with was Almiron. When we played Liverpool and Man City I thought he was our best player. He is a good replacement for when either Frazer and St Max go onto the bench. Separately, if we get Lucas Paquetá
    I think he is a direct replacement for Shelvey. So he should have been a red cross.

  15. Geordie Dee

    I think we'll definitely bring a goalkeeper in to challenge Dubravka therefore Gillespie stays and possibly Darlow depending on whether he wants to stay but agree with the rest

  16. J. J. L.

    Given Lewis’s injury record and inconsistent performances at best (even as cover) along with the fact Ritchie must be off by now, the “million left backs” thing does weigh up in my view. Keep Manquillo.

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