KIERAN TRIPPIER | True Geordie Podcast #152

This week, England and now Newcastle superstar, Kieran Trippier is on the podcast to speak about his reasons for joining the club, becoming La Liga Champions, scoring in a World Cup Semi-Final and much more


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22 comentarios en “KIERAN TRIPPIER | True Geordie Podcast #152

  1. joe mirz

    What a legend and so underrated. I know you were tight on time but would love to hear him speak about Sean Dyche, especially as he’s been similarly underrated!

  2. edg810

    Being dragged through the mud can break you or help you build a strong character and Kieran seems very grounded and humble yet confident. Really enjoyed this podcast. Thanks guys. Wishing Newcastle the best.

  3. Falcorn

    Us selling him at Tottenham was the worst decision Poch made. The fans dogged this man for being one of the best FB in the league most games. Check stats

  4. Santiago Guevara

    As a colombian who follow very close tino asprilla, he isnt in politics at all, he is in a football channel where he talks about colombian players, the colombian league, national team and talks about the results of eruopean football (League and champions). The Show its call "De Futbol de habla asi".

  5. Jock303

    Brilliant interview TG, great to have a playing professional come on and talk so openly. And especially one that really represents a feeling of hope and a rekindling of pride and joy for us Geordies. He's already more than a right back to us.

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