Simon Jordan WARNS That Dan Ashworth Must Be Prepared For The PRESSURE Of Working At Man United 🤯

TalkSPORT’s Simon Jordan defends Manchester United having the most expensive in history in 2023 and insists Dan Ashworth must be prepared for the pressures at the club if he makes the move to Old Trafford.


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37 comentarios en “Simon Jordan WARNS That Dan Ashworth Must Be Prepared For The PRESSURE Of Working At Man United 🤯

  1. @philbourne548

    Jordan talks absolute garbage. Justifying the Maguire purchase ‘Centre backs cost £80m. That’s what they cost!’ No they do not, you silly man. Gabriel £22m, van de Ven £35m, Botman £35m. All vastly superior and much younger than Maguire

  2. @ghostly1178

    The problem is, will united listen to his judgement? I mean, it's gonna be hard to get him from Newcastle because out of 2, they are more likely to spend on players he suggests, given the money they now have. The worst thing that will happen is that he turns up for utd, mentions this and that player, and ignore him. Conintuely being incompetent in the market place.

  3. @TheRealDxK

    I'm not sure about this appointment, he's safe but very average.

    Ashworth joined Newcastle AFTER their best signings were already done/in the works:
    Trippier and Bruno were signed BEFORE Ashworth, Howe had already identified Gordon, Livramento and Barnes, the scouts identified Isak and Botman – hence the links so soon before some of them signed.
    Lewis Hall is an awful Ashworth signing and he did push for Pope which has been a good signing, but his record is hit and miss. Some of the youngsters he's pushed for have looked completely out of their depth.

    Ask Brighton fans, it was Weir who led the signings of Cucurella and Caicedo, and he was the one who was there to push for De Zerbi. Typical Ashworth signings there were decent enough: Welbeck being a prime example, but nothing special.

    I don't think he's worth it. He's steady, not spectacular. A good stepping stone for Man U, but £6m+ for him feels like having their pants pulled down.

  4. @PaulBobbly

    While I think Casemiro is a very good player for United, I can definitely understand the view of him being a bad buy. For 70m and the wages he does need, I’d argue, 4 very good years to justify the price. At the moment he’s had most of a year playing well and 6 months with lack of fitness / injury.

    If United had any strategy they would have been negotiating with Madrid very early on and potentially got him for maybe 40-50 (considering it is well known they were replacing him anyway) and additionally invested in a developmental player to eventually take over

  5. @BlueBloodPenn

    It's not that Utd have paid a certain amount for a player in a position, it's that Utd have consistently paid higher than what they are valued at which makes them look stupid and incompetent. If your paying £80mil for a CB that is world class then that is fine, but when you pay that for an average or below player is where the issue comes from. They over pay and under deliver on every single signing. Other clubs see them coming a mile off, stick a massive price tag on them knowing they have no clue and no plan.

  6. @ninjashrimpgaming2657

    Funny watching Man Utd fans cream over ashworth signings like Isak, Botman and Bruno, despite them being scouted etc before he even joined the club. Nearly as funny as them calling their new CEO best in class, despite never working as a CEO in his life 😂😂

  7. @FuntCaseUK

    Simon talking sense, people love to conveniently forget Man Utd get charged insane premiums on players because of who they are, so the numbers on the prices of these players are skewed massively. Antony for instance was probably likely to be 40m but went for 83 because it was last minute and ten hag likely said “we need a winger and I know Antony as a player” and circumstance meant that they had to go for him at a time when Ajax didn’t want to let go of him.

  8. @robzombie5928

    United have probably spent double what they should have on transfer fees and more than double on wages what they should have agreed to pay to players. Its also much harder to recruit for a team that wants to be top of the league than top 6 or top 10 like Ashworths other jobs. Its also much harder to be a player in a top side.

  9. @rufdymond

    There in a nutshell is the problem – it’s never been about money with Utd, it has always been about the running of the club by people that didn’t have a clue what they were doing. We make enough money on our own without owner input to be successful, but if the money is spent buy idiots then you end up where we are now.

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