HOW MANY INJURIES HAVE WE GOT?! – Kieran Trippier to Newcastle fans 👀 Shaka applauds him | ESPN FC

ESPN FC reacts to Newcastle defender asking fans «how many injuries have we got?» after angry responses to their 2-0 loss to Bournemouth.

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37 comentarios en “HOW MANY INJURIES HAVE WE GOT?! – Kieran Trippier to Newcastle fans 👀 Shaka applauds him | ESPN FC

  1. Floyd Brown

    The hypocrisy is real.. Had that been Granit Xhaka… The narrative would be different. You guys need to remain consistent with your views. When the narrative suits your agenda, you guys speak differently about players from other teams.

  2. Lampard

    Nope, L tripier, Chelsea players got booed by their own fans every single game for 5-6 game, lot of injured players too, not a single player do this to the fans.. Just do better next time

  3. Giwrgos Petrou

    Ok Trippiest😂 Chelsea always have more than 27272 injuries BUT i haven't seen a player of us crying on social media about injuries. Overpaid footballers who act like kids. Because every man younger than 30 ,is still A F KID and people need to understand this ❤

  4. Bolt

    I think Shaka's bias proves that as well as Newcastle has performed recently, they are not at the same standard Man U, who a lot people are using as a seemingly equivalent comparison. Man U's standards mean they should not make excuses, because winners do not make excuses.

    Newcastle are not winners. They overachieved last season. However, they have improved and seem on the cusp creating a culture of winning similar to how Man City has done in the last decade.

    For now, let's allow their excuses 😂

  5. OKOBA Collins

    Chelsea played the whole of last season with key injuries and started this season with key injuries. At some point, they had about 12 players on the treatment table with 8 of them being first team players yet no one gave them a pass. Maintain the same energy 🤡s.

  6. J-Touch

    Unprofessional.. when you are tackling hard winning games, out running your opponent more than you should just to get 3 points n you think it wont come back to haunt u… u cant eat your cake n have it back.. its part of management… eddie, take guimares off in the 60th minute, he wont because he wants to win the game, next thing guimares is injured.. at that point y would u cry… u did what u had to do to win the game.. next yime play more subtle, u wont get injured n u wont get 3 points.. dont cry about injuries when u used fitness to outrun everyone

  7. Coconut Jewce

    If Bruno did this, the media would slaughter him. There'd be a video a day on this channel talking about how it's disrespectful to the travelling fans, how he shouldn't be captain, etc. But when someone with a British passport does it…

  8. Tilewa Johnson

    Shaka cmon man. Injuries are a part of the game sadly but that's why its a 23 man squad and 2 transfer windows in a season. Chelsea and Man Utd have been hit the hardest with injuries and you pundits tear them down every week without mercy. Injuries aren't an excuse for poor performance according ESPN pundits standards. Don't give Newcastle a break because u're one of them.

  9. Isaac Bernardo

    If other teams have injuries to some of their key players then the rivals are enjoying it but when it comes to your team and they under perform then there are always excuses excuses excuses as to why they can't perform.

  10. Grisha Winner

    Wow he’s absolutely right. These journalists have also been attacking Ten Hag but let’s see the injuries Man U have had these season
    1. Martinez – teams best CB
    2. Shaw – starting LB
    3. AWB- Starting RB
    4. Varane – 2nd best CB
    5. Casemiro – CDM
    6. Malacias – Back up LB
    7. Mainoo – wonderkid MF
    8. Eriksen MF
    9. Hojdlund Center Forward
    10. Diallo – Wonderkid winger

    Not to mention the time that both Sancho and Antony have missed because of off field issues

  11. Akshit Raj

    The fan should have said, do you know how many players are in your squad, if they're less than 11 then u have a point 😂, United making everyone eat humble pie in more ways than one as always

  12. A W

    I can accept other fans slating Newcastle for using injuries as an excuse. But, when that comes from Man Utd and Chelsea fans who have spent £1B on their squads, then the irony is too much.

  13. Teflon Don

    Thse plsyers get injured by doing anything nowadays back in the day wasnt like this now these players call it a day just for a scratch and it cost their clubs points end of the day these new generation of players are made of plastic

  14. Phillip Jones

    It makes me laugh as an LFC fan to listen to this little girl moaning about injuries! NOBODY cared when we had half our team out with injuries. In fact everybody jumped on the bandwagon to run us down and never gave us any leeway because of injuries! Suck it up Trippier and any pundit who backs him. YNWA

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