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Dan Ashworth! So What!! | NUFC News

📰 Latest Newcastle United Updates with Paul

Join Paul in this episode of The Toon Review as he dives into the buzzing world of Newcastle United news. The spotlight is on Dan Ashworth, and Paul is here to separate the hype from reality. Is all the media frenzy justified? Let’s find out!

🤔 Man Utd Fans’ Complaints: A Reality Check

Paul also takes a moment to question the claims of Manchester United fans and their perceived right to complain about the compensation that needs to be paid. Are their concerns valid, or is it just noise? The discussion is open, and Paul is ready to dissect the situation.

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Have your say in the comments section below! Share your thoughts on Dan Ashworth, Newcastle United’s latest developments, and the ongoing debates with Man Utd fans. The Toon Army, let’s unite and discuss the heart of our beloved club!

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