PRESS CONFERENCE | Eddie Howe pre-Man City (A) FA Cup Quarter-Final

Eddie Howe speaks to the media ahead of Saturday’s trip to the Etihad Stadium to face Manchester City.

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35 comentarios en “PRESS CONFERENCE | Eddie Howe pre-Man City (A) FA Cup Quarter-Final

  1. @craig-rp9jh

    when city beat us howes job will be questioned again😴weve had a rough few months and eddies been working with shite whith his hands tied aswel. he literally just said weve had to field injured players for most season

  2. @DYL2020

    I would’ve felt more confident had we of been at home but it is what it is, whatever happens I’ll be so proud of this team.. with injuries and the draws we’ve been handed it’s been a solid test

  3. @xeezone8400

    If your one of those get Eddie out you are clueless, the battle he's gone through from injuries and a key player banned all season, one player recovers the other gets injured it's been an unlucky season for us you couldn't write it, and we 7 points away from a 6th spot with a possible of 30 points remaining, we need to get behind our manager for sure none of this bullshit sacking crap he's the right man even peps would of struggled what Eddie and the team been through

  4. @kkiat424

    Nothing goes right for us this season. Lots of Injuries, players injured, recovered & injured again. Bad luck draw in all Cups Competition. But it's ok Boss..I hav ur back, I can see what u tryin' to build here, I'm with u all the way
    #NUFC #ToonArmy

  5. @24516132

    The national reserve league, gave players game time & match fitness, upped the coffers & was a good for folk who couldn't get to away matches, saw some good games back in the 70s with decent sized crowds at St Js.

  6. @aarontaylor2308

    We've scored a LOT of goals this season. The problem is, our defence has been awful. Even with our injuries, we'd be a lot higher in the table. Last season, it was the draws that stopped us going even higher. This season, fine margins and individual errors have turned those draws into losses and pretty much a 50/50 split of wins and losses. Injuries have played a MASSIVE part in our season. In October we were top in XG and all other stats. I still trust in Eddie and the lads to fight back. 🖤🤍

  7. @ricardovosse3841

    Physically pains me that Howe continues to ignore the high calibre football insight gold on here. So he's coached for 20yrs at the highest level, sees the players train every day and has access to the most advanced sporting data available. Der are sum fans wot of streamed WHOLE games on der mams knockoff laptop wiv a can of broon (part frum when der stream stops.) 😪What a waste of elite intel.

  8. @brunog5867

    I’m sorry to say this I don’t wanna say it but here it is, Eddie can’t change everything that went wrong at Bournemouth is now happening to us. He’s so stuck in his ways it’ll be his,downfall unless he can change this which I don’t think he can then I’m afraid he won’t ever excel at the top.. The bigger question is who else is out there that will come into a club so scared to spend money? No top top manager wants to come here for the fans they come if they can spend and spend big.. This takeover was so special but 18 months down the road it’s a simple fact that instead of catching the top 3 sides on the league we’re unfortunately falling even further behind..

  9. @AnandBhat

    Still have faith. I'd give him another full season. This was just a weird season. Lots of highs without something to show for it but also a lot of shocking performances.

    I think, much like Arteta at Arsenal, we have to give the man a full hopefully injury light season based on rescuing us from rock bottom in first half season and 4th in the first full season.

    History at Bournemouth proves that Eddie can 100% be the man that takes us to the next level. People moaning about half a billion spend are forgetting that we haven't had services of most of that spend. (Tonali, Barnes etc).

    Pope being gone was the game changer for me. The defense looks piss poor. If the best defense in the league last season is the worst defense this year, it cannot just be about Eddie losing the plot. It is far more likely because Pope is the foundation of that back 5. The way we play is markedly different with Dubs.

  10. @andrewford119

    I think over the last ten minutes of the PC Eddie gave some incredibly insightful and well measured answers. Whatever you think of his recent decisions on the pitch no one can question the insightfulness of his thought process and the undoubted passion he holds for our football club. Eddie in…..

  11. @Nienna1837

    Thanks for the Journos who asked important questions like why Longstaff is playing every single game. Some of you other lot need to give your heads a wooble. Imagine wasting your time asking what do you make of the fans travelling on away days and such softy questions. Toon fans endured the dross put on by Mike Ashley, their commitment is unquestionable in fact the levels are bizarre; maybe they should start shouting a bit more at the players given how they are playing lately.

    The manager saying you can't regurgitate the same thing and expect deferent results… haha. Are you listening to yourself, man? How many times were people shouting do not put Big Dan Burn against the fastest wingers, and how many times he was rinsed? The manager saying he prefers players to play in their natural position but plays CB as LB. Try to be consistent, at least!

    The manager says he does not have any midfielders, recalls Joe White who was having a good season at his loan club and parks him on the bench. Meanwhile Sean Longstaff carries on with an injection. The manager travels without an attacking option on the bench while having both Isak and Gordon play with an increased risk. Ben Parkinson is no where to be seen since his cameo at Dortmund and Bournemouth. I am sure he would not mind the odd minutes running around while Isak strolls on the pitch spent and unable to run or pressure.

    When people ask you if you were angry, it is not because they want you to be violent or abusive. It is because whatever you are saying is not translating on the pitch. Maybe they can move the training pitch to the stadium for better results? Might I remind you, David Santon was a starter for Inter Milan at the age of 18. If you do not play your youngsters they are not going to develop. Alex Murphy was decent in pre-season, why is he not given a chance? Especially when we need bodies and we need to play our youth so that they get experience. You can't flog them on the transfer market if you do not play them.

    Why do you wait so long to make a substitution? KDB came on shortly after half time, why was not a man-marking player was not substituted immediately. Isak was doing nought the whole second half and we were barely out of our half (same situation at PSG in Paris). Sure you are the manager and you decide the tactics but at least do not give an excuse, like there was nothing to try and we just close our eyes and hope for the best.

  12. @Phgray58

    So let’s get this straight. Longstaff only plays his best when he trains yet he hasn’t been training full speed because of an injury yet Eddie started him. Where is the logic in that😢

  13. @alanthompson3780

    Fantastic presser .I thought Eddie opened up about how hard it,s been with the injuries we have had !! no matter what happens tomorrow ,come on Eddie + lads try and get us as high as possible in the league haway the lads

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