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Get ready for a rollercoaster ride through the latest Newcastle United updates with Paul! In this episode, we dive into the exciting world of NUFC news, where the Magpies are making headlines once again.

👀 Kelly’s Desire to Join NUFC: Explore the potential transfer saga involving Lloyd Kelly as he expresses his eagerness to join the ranks of Newcastle United. Will this talented player make a move to St James’ Park? Join us as we break down the latest developments.

🤔 Battle for Neto?: Brace yourselves as we delve into the transfer market battles! Newcastle is gearing up for a fierce competition to secure the services of Pedro Neto. Who else is in the race, and can NUFC emerge victorious in this battle for the star player? Find out the inside scoop in this episode!

🔍 Dan Ashworth Replacement Hunt: The search for a suitable replacement for Dan Ashworth is on! Uncover the potential candidates and speculate on who might step into this crucial role for Newcastle United.

🌟 Bruno and Botman in Demand: The Toon Review spills the beans on the high demand for Bruno and Botman. What’s the latest buzz surrounding these players, and how could their potential moves impact the Magpies’ squad? Tune in for the insights!

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    Gosh, what would we have to do to get a guy like Mo Salah to join the club? I would lose my bowels if that man came to Newcastle. Sell Callum for a better striker then throw Isak and Salah on the wings. It would be nasty.

  2. @chrissyquinn83

    Ive herd it too many times now, paqueta, Maddison etc unless they are actually seen/heard to be saying they want to come here ill remain skeptical 😂 it is a move i would wekcome though, especially on a free.

  3. @DavidVeitch54

    Lloyd Kelly is a no brainer, a step up on Burn at LB and is also a quality 6' 3" LCB. Whenn Tino/Trips goes on the attack up the right we will drop into a class back three of Schar, Botman and Kelly.
    Neto is class but l feel his injury record needs to be explored before he is considered a replacement for Miggy.
    The club might keep Wilson but we definetly need another striker and Sesko for me would be ideal.
    Season 25/26 we will need a top quality RCB if FFP stops us upgrading next season.

  4. @marksingleton3391

    It's like I said Kelly is a no brainer great player plays centre back mostly but is very good left back as well as a Bournemouth fan I would take him he's does get a few muscle injuries but worth a punt

  5. @martinheywood588

    Lloyd Kelly would be a good signing on a free. He cant be a bad player as Liverpool,Spurs,AC Milan and Juventus have all been looking at him in recent weeks. He can play centre back as well so would be a good squad player at least. I hope we get Paul Mitchell as hes much better than Ashworth as he was MU 1st choice but knocked them back. Hes availible from June and wants to come back to the UK for family reasons. With whats hes done already ticks the boxes for me. What a load of click bait rubbish on Bruno and Botman Chelsea are on edge of FFP and need to sell before June but nobody can afford to buy before the end of june due to FFP. There's a very good chance they will fail FFP this cycle and cannot afford to buy without a drastic firesale. Neto is too injury prone for me and I would go for a curve ball – Donyell Malen at Dortmund instead. Donyell Malen has been linked to MU and although a RW can also play LW and CF.He is less injury prone than Neto. I think we should put in a bid for him as he get goals and assists- 13 goals and 4 assists in 31 matches this season. If we want to be an elite side we should have the balls to go for players like Malen and I think he would cost less than Neto.

  6. @JulieDorsetBelle

    Lloyd Kelly was initially a left sided centre back for Bournemouth before moving to left back – so he is versatile – I've been watching him for years and he is strong, physical and fast – but can sometimes blow hot and cold – I feel he could be a bit more creative plus he has been injury prone lately?

  7. @TheWiseJames

    Not worried about Chelsea taking any of our players, Chelsea are not a top club with top fans. That is why they have returned to being a middle table club since abrov has left. Just like i said it would in 2006 and got laughed at by the chelsea fans for. Guess im laughing now lol

  8. @iananderson2677

    Agree with Truls. The worry about Neto is injuries, I am sure there must be players out there around the £60m mark who are less injury prone. I just looked at Kelly on Sofascore and it’s interesting. Strengths – none. Did an Attribute Overview comparison with Burn…….. almost identical, their weaknesses (long balls) are the same. So he is like a Dan Burn without any goals.

  9. @chrisrichardson5375

    Just to confirm if Newcastle want to sign anyone on a free transfer from the same country they can only offer a pre-contract when the player has a month left on his contract unlike foreign teams who can make pre-contract offers with 6 months left and same for us if the player is playing outside of England

  10. @deanyoung2486

    I think we need somebody a little more robust, struggles with injuries, so not for me. Not sure about Kelly, but on a free I think that may be the end of BDB as he is left back and centre back cover

  11. @user-bn1dq6rb8h

    here we go ,trying too big up kelly into a world class player,rubbish,he is what he is a free transfer that is,nt taking the club too the next level.on another topic how the hell is nobody questioning eddie howe on his involement in promoting his nephew too nicksons second man.again ,get rid of ashworth promote ur nephew ,nice one.

  12. @MetroBrown

    Would love Neto but Kelly isnt good enough, theres a reason nobody else wants him.

    Hall is not being trained for another position they are simply conyrolling when the clause is triggered, so the payment can be made in a new FFP window. The fee if paid early would ensure we violated FFP.

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