Amanda Staveley Drops BOMBSHELL About Steve Bruce!! Multi Club Model Coming To Toon + More

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34 comentarios en “Amanda Staveley Drops BOMBSHELL About Steve Bruce!! Multi Club Model Coming To Toon + More

  1. @andrewphippsphillips1455

    Matty, 5:10 I know of someone who said Bruce was a noted horse racing man and was in good company with the late Mick Channon around 1984/85 when they were both at Norwich(I live in Norfolk, family all live in Tyneside btw).
    This old fella I know, mega Canaries fan said Bruce has always loved a flutter and Channon was heavily involved with the sport, so it's nowt new. We all know Fat Mike loved his casinos, so no doubt Bruce was appointed because he was a fellow gambling addict. They're all basically money slaves, but some have more money than they know what to waste it on & its obscene.
    Im sure that £8M the cabbage was paid got spaffed on a few useless nags & paid off his gambling debt, ditto the West Brom payout.
    Hes a bookie's dream & a football fan's nightmare. Anyone sympathising with him, would soon change their tune when he managed their club.
    Notice how few fans of Manchester United were begging him to take over at Old Trafford, but howling like bairns when Amanda handed him his 8million pieces of silver in 2021…..

  2. @Looney-toon

    Steve Bruce is a massive waste of space, League 1 manager at best!!! He didn't want to go to work because he was really upset his drinking buddy Ashley fecked off that's why, his free meal ticket was over.

  3. @mark.k7206

    Once it was clear that the Takeover would happen Bruce was vilified & at that stage probably just gave up. How could anyone in his position enjoy going to work when he was Ashleys guy & ashley was out & the fans wanted Bruce out.

  4. @stevepearce1913

    If we are going to take on the multi-club model surely the first club we should invest in has to be Gateshead. Provide them with a new stadium and use them for developing academy players, bringing in promising amateur players and encouraging the development of local grass roots football in general.

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