Wembley of the North Being Built HERE!? New St. James’ Park Site EXPLORED

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37 comentarios en “Wembley of the North Being Built HERE!? New St. James’ Park Site EXPLORED

  1. @TheMagpieChannelTV

    People keep commenting “the land has been sold to housing” 🤣 as said in the video, so was the strawberry place land, nothing stopping Saudi money buying it. Just a discussion over a potential site earmarked by the owners.👊🏻

  2. @thomaspagh8988

    Get it build and I wouldn't worry about the atmosphere just look at atletico Madrid ore beyern i want the best stadion the best players and I don't care if the players are born at st.james park if they aren't good enough it's out

  3. @stephennolan5944

    We need another stadium as we cannot re build the present Saint James Park, BUT and there is always a but…. Let’s make sure that stadium has a good no a great volume inside. Some of the stadiums around the world are the best money can buy but there just no atmosphere. A lot to do with the fans but a lot to do with the stadium design and the lack of the NOISE, Saint James Park can be frightening to the away side when the Geordies are in full vocal and adds to the support of the team. Yes lets move but then lets not loose our fans efforts to support the team just through their vocal input…..

  4. @user-cy3oz5jn5s

    Seen my first game at sjp in 1968 but time for to move forward abd this looks a great spot,it will be sad to leave but it seems the best option and if they get the stadium built right,like spurs did the atmosphere could even be better,i personally like some of the german stadiums where the front rows are at crossbar height so fans views arnt restricted….htl 🏁🏁🏁

  5. @user-pu2dm1ni8p

    This would be my preferred location, imagine coming over the Redheugh Bridge on a winter night and seeing the place lit up. SJP isnt big enough and I dont want the club to start messing about with our architecture around Leazes Terrace.

  6. @davee3897

    A new stadium could be built with better acoustics and an end reserved for the more vocal and singing supporters so the atmosphere shouldn't be lost. No matter how loud our support is at SJP, it never seems to transfer to the television broadcasts and always sounds muffled compared to other grounds, something a new stadium could improve.

  7. @jparker1977

    To get us to where we want to be then we must have more revenue coming in and a new 80000 seater stadium that can host all major events will put our finances on hyper boost. Go for it 100%. I have no doubt that the new owners will honor the history of St James at the new build because they have been commendable in everything they have accomplished so far.🏳️ 🖤🏴🤍 🖤🏳️🖤🤍🏴

  8. @starlight6901

    Look what Darren Eales did at Atlanta in the States. He was part of the team that made the decisions for their new stadium so imagine what he can do here with the Saudi money?! Their stadium is amazing.

  9. @Helmetbolt

    That land used to have a lead works on it. The land is contaminated and has to stand empty until the soil has shown an improvement in quality. It could be years before anyone is allowed to build on it.

  10. @bood169

    Its definitely time to move on a build a new super stadium. Its still a great location. They could make the facade and top of the stadium look like st james fully extended if they wanted too. Love st james but its time now. Too many people clinging on to past memories. This is the only way we recognise our true potential imo. Great video matty

  11. @rgray83z

    The advantage about building somewhere else (close) is that we can continue to use SJP in the mean time so no disruption for 2-3 years. It would be nice if they kept SJP – women’s team, or other arena, heritage games . . .too many can’t get a ticket at the moment so it would be a shame to leave, but let’s make something new and future proof.

  12. @shaundasheepmurphy1589

    Keep St James for the Newcastle Women and build a super stadium with a retractable pitch and roof like Real Madrid and it can host concerts/NFL etc etc, build a futuristic high end 80,000 seater stadium to build the revenue up!

  13. @kevinwake8789

    If they want to build a big stadium, the old boat docks is longer and wider than the ultilta arena land. It would also help revamp wallsend as its dying to death. Theres a couple of buildings with buisnesses in they would need to relocate.

  14. @ericengleby265

    If we want to move forward and compete a new stadium is the way forward especially with FFP.
    Also having the training ground beside the stadium etc similar to Man City would be fantastic.

  15. @monokai3570

    Spot on. FFP makes the move to New St James' Park a necessity! And if we want to keep up with the larger clubs, we have to expand. It's that simple. Stay at the current site and get left behind for more decades without a hope of winning the top rewards. The stadium we currently have was good enough to win the title back in the 90s under Keegan, and we almost bloody did, but it's not enough now, we need way more revenue to be coming in.

  16. @joewilson604

    Must have 80,000 stadium with a retractable roof ! Then the sky’s the limit , the American know how to do a stadium ! The Geordie Fans will make any stadium magnificent! Can you just imagine 80,000 fans and wor flags ???

  17. @vinchenzo678

    The Arena site would be an excellent location on the banks of the River Tyne .Its already industrialised ..so not much environmental impact .There's previously been talk years ago about taking the Metro line up the old Newcastle railway up to Wylam again.That would be amazing ! Ganin alang the Scotchy Road Basically Newcastle and surroundings are built from mouth of the River Tyne 25 miles up River.

  18. @gillgareth

    Yeah great memories at St James but if we want to swim with the big fish we need the bigger Stadium and only way is new location, can see the headlines now, 100,000 Geordies celebrate winning the 2032/33 Premier and all jump in the River Tyne 😂😂😂

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