Newcastle United 4 Luton Town 4 | The Review

Newcastle United 4 Luton Town 4 | The Review – A Rollercoaster Ride at St. James’ Park! ⚽🏴

Newcastle United faced a rollercoaster of emotions in a nail-biting clash against relegation-threatened Luton Town, resulting in a hard-fought 4-4 draw at St. James’ Park. Join the lads in this candid and comprehensive review as they reflect on the highs, lows, and everything in between.

📉 Tough Battle: It wasn’t an easy day for the Magpies, battling back from a two-goal deficit against a determined Luton Town side fighting for survival. The Toon Review squad dives deep into the twists and turns of the match, exploring what worked and what needs improvement.

🔍 Player Ratings: Get ready for a thorough analysis of each player’s performance! The lads break down the key contributions, moments of brilliance, and areas that may have left fans wanting more. Who stood out and who faced challenges? Find out as the player ratings are revealed!

🗣️ Fan Interaction: The Toon Review team loves hearing from fellow Toon Army members! Share your thoughts on the game, player performances, and any standout moments that had you on the edge of your seat. Your comments could be featured.

🤔 Post-Match Discussions: Engage in post-match discussions with the lads as they delve into tactical decisions, managerial strategies, and overall team dynamics. It’s a space for passionate football conversations with a Toon-centric perspective.

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28 comentarios en “Newcastle United 4 Luton Town 4 | The Review

  1. @CrohnsWarriorGaming

    Great show but I disagree we just weren't good enough, you have sung burns praises last few games and he has one bad game and he should never start again? That's not criticism. Burn has coped with pace in the past salah ect. Another thing you have to concider is mentality? You can't build positivity in the team if your just going to be petty and not play them again if they do something wrong we don't want players playing out of fear…. Please stop with the elite comments, we will be lucky to make European football this season far from elite in which time burn won't even be playing anymore.

  2. @michaeljobling2107

    All the way from Aussie so cannot comment live. Pathetic isn’t the word to use for Dan Burn, sorry but you’re a bit off there. I would imagine Eddy plays him out of postition due to the threat he possess in the box and his height defending corners. Tino doesn’t give you that in a game.
    We haven’t signed a left back suitable yet therefore Tino is on the bench as he can cover so many positions for an injury ravaged team. Clearly Hall isn’t good enough or head isn’t right so they cannot play him due to the loan deal. Yes Dan got skinned but he’s a centre back being asked by the manager to cover another role.

  3. @nathanhowells9893

    Hi Paul, know this comment is coming in bit late but thought I put my 2 pence in. I am stuck in the camp if we don’t don’t demand a team who wins all the time we demands team who tries. Now I do understand this might be the wrong mentality I just don’t like the thinking we deserve to win every game (tho I do understand it’s Luton) but this seems to be against any team outside top 6 lately. The second point of Dan Burn I have lost count how many times we have said Dan burn shouldn’t play this game and has preformed brilliantly. (I do agree we could of made the sub earlier) but as a manager myself (not football) it’s very easy for others to critique your decision all the time. Just for instance if he started tino and the same happened (which we don’t know the outcome) we would have slated Howe yet again saying why are you playing a young RB and Lb who doesn’t play all the time against the fastest player the the prem he is only trying to look after dan burn.

    Anyway couple of more points but got to get going to work. Love the show always full respect to everyone but just how I see it. Onto the next game let’s hope for a good result and let’s just all argue on the next team selection soon 😂. Hope to catch you all live soon

  4. @farmerboy2194

    This is what I will say about Burn
    With F1 most of the teams in simple terms use a set of tires most of the time.
    When its wet or super hot then you use other tires coz its better.
    Saying that you wouldnt use slicks on a wet track coz that would be crazy.
    Now why would you get a 6foot 7 bloke against a really fast winger doesnt make sense just like slicks in the wet
    I dont think it was totally Burns fault and Howe should really said after x time and say I fucked up the line up and change it. Its not Burns fault and Howe should of said something
    Thats my thought on it all. I get it he wants to keep the same line up coz of stability but I think logic has to happen when it comes against that.
    Also curious whats the average height of a full back and also whats the tallest as well. Im curious how many massive players are in that position
    Keep smiling lads and lets see where the team will go for the rest of the year

  5. @RA-A_AsylumRacer

    Eddie doing himself no favours by keep picking his favourites, I dont want Eddie sacked but way he is going he is putting himself in the spotlight. PIF dont have the money they have by being soft. PIF will be ruthless and if things don't change i think Howe will be sacked sooner than we think.

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