Where Newcastle United go from here with Craig Hope | Full True Faith NUFC Podcast

Alex and Si chat to Craig Hope of the Daily Mail to talk through where Newcastle United find themselves after a disastrous December and early January in the league. We discuss with Craig:

Why NUFC’s injury crisis may not be over any time soon
Why the club many not spend in this January window
The effect of Premier League FFP and PSR are having on the club overal
What is a good season from here for Newcastle United

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24 comentarios en “Where Newcastle United go from here with Craig Hope | Full True Faith NUFC Podcast

  1. @user-bq2tc6dh6t

    I kind of agree with him on the signings but i don't at the same time. I think maybe the signings are the sort of signings who would be ideal for this summer coming 2024.
    Like Barnes Tonali and Livramento are at least just as good if not better than the same players at Liverpool or Arsenal in the same positions as Gakpo, Nunes, Trossard, Havetz, Endo,Mac Allister, Tomiasyu Elliott, Gomes, Gravenberch, Tsimikas and anyone else I missed out on.

  2. @harryfoster4186

    Great Podcast, but in regard to the number 6 position. Agree we do need one but why don't we play Lewis Hall in that position. Midfield is said to be his favourite area to play. He isn't breaking into the LB pace so why not try him out there. Push Bruno and Longstaff up, gives us Miley to come on from the bench.

  3. @levstone415

    Watched a video on Real Madrid that said they recognised without receiving UK Sky TV money it was imperative they raised more revenue from the stadium. Hence they spent £1.5billion on a new stadium for more hospitality and more concerts. Lesson we need a massive new stadium to raise our revenue to compete with the big 6 teams.

  4. @garymcburnie8323

    I like Craig. But agreed with little of what he said. Transfers have been good for back up etc. Take man city equivalent of our injuries and they would be out of top 4 and they've got a great squad

  5. @johnenglish929

    I wish we should just shut down this talk of losing the likes of Bruno, Isak and Botman. I understand the problems of FFP but we have the spine of a Champions’League side and if we want to challenge for top honours these are the sort of players we need to keep. If we start losing players like that – by choice – it casts doubt on the validity of the entire project. Anyone prepared to sell either of them after that sublime through ball from Bruno for Isak’s goal – which still needed some scoring – is coming at things from a different angle than I am.

  6. @garymcburnie8323

    Rediculous statement on transfers. Its purely down to injuries. We would be top 4 if we hadn't had injuries. Just have to let this season go as purely bad luck. When we try to defend when we change is when we lose points. Eddie stick to his game and we will be fine

  7. @user-rb5ld4sp8p

    We lose every game in the last 10/15 minutes. It's fitness and game play. Since PSG game the players are worn out and predictable. Howe needs to change the last 20 minutes to win a game. And it's defending the possibe win

  8. @shielsy1

    Haven't listened to this yet, but we should defo take advantage of other clubs in ffp trouble and going after the likes of Branthwaite would be ideal, we'll need this quality anyway in the summer might as well get it at a cheaper price if possible.

  9. @AJamesRichards-ir7yy

    I watch both of your channels, 0:03 so it was a real treat to have you all on together. Really appreciate all the comments and views you provided which were absolutely top class and summarised where we are now, what’s happened and what may/ may not happen. I do agree with Si that bad luck has played a major part since you can’t beat bad luck! I still feel optimistic though and hope to hell it all works out well for us in due course. And of course winning the Fulham game to take us through to the next stage would really provide a massive boost. Although EH purportedly doesn’t watch read stuff like this, he would I think on this occasion benefit from the views made.

  10. @davidcooper4810

    See the circus is in toon 🤡. Love the podcast normally great to listen to, but you’ve cleaned the bottom of the barrel out and found Craig Hope, would not wrap me chips in the trash he writes.

  11. @tyneskipper

    jesus christ lads. i mean, you realise just how toxic Craig Hope is yeah? he hates the club, the fans and the area. he's only just behind Luke Edwards in hatred for the North East.

  12. @neilgardner2675

    The pushback I'd have about not cashing in on players at the end of last season is the way Eddie's team plays. Look at how long it took for arguably our best player Gordon to bed in. You can't have 3 or 4 new players in that situation, after letting go of players that are up to speed. It needs to be a gradual process. It's definitely a case of short term pain at the moment, but I have total faith we'll get there.

  13. @TheThejatsman

    Hall and Tino would be for NOW if Eddie switched to a 3-5-2 like he did in pre-season in some games saying we will need that at times in the season, instead he has stuck to a 4-3-3 every game. The City game and the Forest game were examples of how that would have stopped us being exposed on the left. This tactical stubbornness/naivety from Eddie has lost us games.. If he sorts that out, a plan b especially away and against better teams, we will be fine, if he doesn't it will cost him his job in the end.

  14. @levstone415

    Summer strategy: if Bruno gets injured we have no backup hence buy Sandro; fans and critics wanted a new CB in case Botman got injured but Howe correctly realised the squad had enough CB depth; on the left we had no cover if Gordon got injured so Howe bought Barnes; our best player Tripps we had no backup so Howe bought Livremento; lastly there was logic that Burn wasn't a natural LB hence getting Hall on loan was also logical. So summer transfer strategy was to give us depth for injuries. Bans and lots of unusual injuries has ruined us.

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