BLOCKED! Howe DOES like Neves but here's why it WON'T happen… Newcastle United legal bid incoming?

The Daily Mail’s Craig Hope brings you the latest from Newcastle United after speaking to Eddie Howe at Friday’s pre-match press conference.
The Mail broke the news this week of Premier League clubs set to vote in a temporary ban on related-party loans, and here is Howe’s reaction to our story…
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20 comentarios en “BLOCKED! Howe DOES like Neves but here's why it WON'T happen… Newcastle United legal bid incoming?

  1. Chris Currie

    Excellent video mate! 👏 We all know who those clubs are & it's pathetic that the Premier League bows to their whims. I agree that the second vote restricts competition law (I have seen an example of it in my professional life been pushed through) & that one won't happen imo. The player one has never been a problem until NUFC tried it & the stench of this can be smelt underwater. Utterly rancid "That club" who we all have a good idea who it's is threatened you for a piece. I hope we sign Mpabbe just to wind them up even more! 🤣

  2. Jonathan Smith

    Big 6 monopoly. They try and stop others from having an equal stake. Look at some of the things they’ve suggested in recent times? The super league, only being able to get into the champions league if you’ve been there in recent years (can’t remember the figure) even if your not finishing in the top 4, the attempt to agree a US TV deal where the money was only split between them….. the list goes on. Heard all this discussed on talk sport the last year or so and it’s crazy. Shouldn’t be allowed to stop competition yet they’ve had too much power. In all honesty you can see why they are trying as if Newcastle can do this and interrupt the status quo, the door is open for all the other clubs and suddenly there is the potential for the playing field being levelled, just as it should……

  3. Monty Brewster

    Wow! Somehow i'd missed the story about the shirt sponsor part of this story. This is just getting silly now. The anti-newcastle bias is just getting beyond. Cheers craig, great vid as always.

  4. Phil

    Love Sky Sports headlines regarding Tottenhams 'injury crisis' , because they have two – two – players injured.

    As for Neves, if we want him, why don't we just bid £1 so it's not technically a loan?

  5. Lilly pad Gaming

    Can’t understand why people say it’s all negative, you report what you learn and add your own thoughts and opinions, it’s clear to see you want the Toon to do as well as we all do, keep the videos and updates coming there much appreciated and looked forward to!

  6. Mark Weir

    The big four tried everything to make sure the deal to buy the club didn’t go through now they are obstructing the club in normal business. Deal GM did to sponsor Man Utd was three times market value at the time, no wanted tule changes then. Arsenal similar for stadium sponsors City similar. The bloc do not want the Toon do well but we will prosper. They will not stop us.

  7. Steve Darragh

    Wilson – Hamstring. Toon – Hamstrung! I'm sure the legal machines are already in motion to challenge these flimsy anti-competitive restrictions the PL are trying to put in place. I wouldn't be at all surprised if the vote didn't even get the required 14 to agree. Using this logic, Liverpool would have to find another 4 or 5 clubs prepared to pay the same £200M that Saudi was to pay for Salah? Good luck with that one!

  8. Raggattoni

    Despite all the chicanery from the other clubs. NUFC will not and can not be stopped. With each of these petty, selfish anti-competitive rule changes it just makes our ultimate success & Domination all the sweeter. Moreover, these rules will all come back to bite those who advocate for them in the bum whilst having little to no lasting effect on our famous old club!

  9. Toonfan

    Let’s face it, it’s us against the world now. We’re a rolling stone and once we gather pace theyll never be able to stop us so they’re just prolonging the inevitable. But it’ll only make it more sweeter when we come to dominate!

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