EDDIE HOWE MEETS KEVIN KEEGAN!!! Exclusive Behind The Scenes Event!

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37 comentarios en “EDDIE HOWE MEETS KEVIN KEEGAN!!! Exclusive Behind The Scenes Event!

  1. chris donnelly

    Younger fans forget it was Arthur Cox who started it all bringing in Keegan then Peter Beardsley, Cox was a quiet manager took victory and defeat in the same manor as Eddie does, we also played great attacking football under Cox a great manager

  2. Alan Mackenzie

    Emotional night for Maureen and me. A night i will never forget. In the presence of such Knights of St James was a pleasure.
    The promise of what is to come fills me with pride. Congratulations Pete Graves and thanks so much for the happy tears. Wow.🖤🤍🖤🤍

  3. George Morley

    I remember when Shearer did a talk in at SJP like this for Century FM and Goffy was the host, the whole night was charity for Gateshead who were in financial difficulty. It was a brilliant night, one of my best memories and as you can see from my profile, it let me meet the man himself! Very envious of you.

  4. Craig Gooding

    Nice to see the 30k but how many views without subscribing love all the videos always makes me laugh and smile very emotional Newcastle United fan and great persona keep it up matty love ya and cmon the TOON

  5. kath chandler

    St James' , as it is today was built because of KK's genius and his Entertainers, I was there for them and now, because of Howe our stadium will be changed again! As they say
    Cometh the hour, Cometh the man …what a privilege to see them both ❤❤

  6. Eric

    Keegan is our genious. He was the one who rescued us from the abiss. Iwas there in 1980 what ever it was when he signed for Newcastle. I got crushed at the Gallowgate end turnstiles in his first game against QPR and he scored. He's my hero. He started a slow rescue that we should all be greatful for.

  7. BillyfromConsett

    It was a fabulous night. Seeing the two leaders on the same stage chat about their lives up here.
    Eddie told us that his kids now have Geordie accents.
    Nice to hear Kevin say that he'll always be at the end of a phone for Eddie if he wants a chat.
    Just a brilliant night.

  8. Ronny Gill

    Would absolutely love to see how they’d play each other’s teams. If I was there and had the chance I’d ask them that ridiculously hypothetical question. Actually I’d probably just be overcome and cry like a barn.

  9. Jack Burton

    Will never forget that run last year from Everton at home to Arsenal at home…so many emotions…Bruno’s last minute winner vs Leicester…it was the most beautiful spring.

  10. Razorlight Mike

    Gutted I missed this 😭 You are doing the right thing not broadcasting the content mate if it was a closed event then that’s exact,y what it should be to respect the wishes of the hosts. But il get you one day 5 pints deep and you can spill the beans to me hush hush say no more 😂

  11. John Silver

    That was class, thanks very much! I love seeing KK back and having Eddie Howe next to him is deserved. It is really a special time for the toon, with people and lads who understand the essence of what it means to play for the city in the black and white. Kevin Keagan was one of my favourite growing up, he embodies the spirit of Newcastle and he wears his heart on his sleeve. Sir Bobby was much calmer and Eddie is between them, his heart understands but he still has the gentleness and calmness of Sir Bobby. I hope he stays many seasons and wins many trophies with the toon.

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