The Irish Guy takes a look at the reaction to Newcastle United being placed in Champions League Group F, alongside PSG, Borussia Dortmund and AC Milan.

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  1. James Flynn

    Newcastle in the last group of death before the format change. A proper group of death too. Any of those 2 can go through and 3rd would be among the Europa favourites.

    Also bright side: no big journeys cross continent.

  2. Guins Travels

    I'm extremely excited to see what we can do in this group. Every team is at the start of a new project. Yes we've had a rough start to the season but every team we have played so far is in some sort of Europe competition. I can't wait to see the yellow wall vs wor flags or the Milan ultras vs the geordies. Paris is a threat but they have changed there whole team this season who knows what will happen in this group.

  3. Trustfulrocket

    I think getting into the Champions League is to have a go at winning the Cup. If you're going in, because you have a chance to play against Europe's elite clubs, then you're doing it wrong. It's disrespectful to call out teams that have made it into Champions League as "Europa" league teams. Those teams have worked just as hard to be in the same position as Newcastle. You didn't even mention Newcastles poor start to season while calling the rest of the group out.

  4. andson02

    Keep in mind that Feyenoord have less financial backing than a random Championship club, won the league over PSV and Ajax, have to sell their best players for scrap and still manage to play attractive football. From such a small country, last season beating Atletico Madrid for example. Don't take them too litely

  5. Bruno Actis

    It's is a hilariously hard group, but because of how absurdly hard it is. But at the same time i can't help but think it's pretty cool too. Imagine if Newcastle manages to get through, they'll be serious contenders. The fixtures will be ON FIRE from the very beggining, everybody will be watching that group, that's what they don't seem to get.

  6. X NAGP

    if u could replace someone else on other group, u would do it stop acting like u wont. First UCL spot in 20Years, just to get knock out of the group stage isnt really an experience.

  7. Kilwolski

    Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it in return the amount of teams you’ve ripped to shreds it goes both ways don’t start playing victim that’s Liverpool’s thing

  8. ßélv

    does bro realize that mbappe is back in the psg 11 with dembele there? rafael leao exists for milan? imagine the sight of them ripping apart trippier and dan burn 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  9. David Bell

    first time you get into a european competition you want big names. Do it again and you want the easy group. So as a Boro fan I hate the barcodes but they got the sort of group you dream of from the outside looking in

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