¿Por qué el Newcastle no persigue a Harry Kane? | Tiempo extra de ESPN FC

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45 comentarios en “¿Por qué el Newcastle no persigue a Harry Kane? | Tiempo extra de ESPN FC

  1. Jacob stafford

    Please take Newcastle serious 😂 they don't want Kane or mbappe or f*****g Messi. We want hard grafters and we won't want Kane when we havd our beautiful Swedish weapon up top

  2. Nid Hoggr

    Why do people and the media think that Newcastle suddenly have all the money in the world to spend? Newcastle have around 100 million to spend this season, which compared to other teams is nothing. I can't believe pundits don't understand how financial fair play works.

  3. Randy Schwing

    If you are a top footballer…money isnt an issue…you look at your chances of silverware and then your lifestyle…because there is no point having money with nowhere to spend it.
    So if say PSG, Chelsea, Man U and Newcastle want you…who is going to choose to live in the NorthEast of England…miles from anywhere…???
    I think Newcastle is a great place…and i still wouldn't live there if i had other choices.

  4. Eric Byrne

    They don't want to be viewed like city as having just bought the title ! I believe they want to build a team the old fashioned way ! Good recruiting and management ! Developing players and they will get respect for it when the success comes ! City really don't they are seen as the Beverly Hillbillys that struck oil !

  5. Logan lancaster

    Kane on his own would not make Newcastle title contenders, top 4 probably but still nowhere close to city. Unless they are prepared to spend another 150-200 on top of Kane to get there and if they aren't prepared to do that Kane would not leave tottenham for a chance at top 4.

  6. Zach

    Fans of other clubs, and (most) media, are really not taking Newcastle’s process here seriously. Most of the ESPN cast didn’t even know they walked around the field after every home match in procession after seeing it in the Brighton match. They make a move for a young Italian, who’s captain materiel at club and national level, and spend like 12 seconds on it and then move on and talk about Chelsea for the 80th time today. It’s unbelievable how under the radar they are still continuing to fly.

  7. Jeremy

    I think teams just clearly are smart and don’t want him because he isn’t worth the money. He is worth about 40 mil due to lack of big game quality and age

  8. Vincinerate V

    Newcastle now knows who to buy. Buying Kane to win what – domestic cups which we could achieve without him. Kane will allow title challenge/CPL, not a chance yet.
    Besides, Kane doesn't even know where he wants to go evidently from the last few seasons.
    Newcastle's direction is to build a young squad.

  9. Libertino Radio

    Why on earth would they? Crazy idea, unless he revealed a deep desire to play for them that he's kept secret all these years, and even then he'd need to be at a bargain basement price.

  10. revenger32

    Kane championship window is 3 years, Newcastle want younger talent, so when our window opens we have a long term opportunity.

    Kane is also not fast enough anymore to fit in our heavy press tactics

  11. Kecajo

    Newcastle are afraid that Harry Kane would bring a "non-winning culture", Spurs trophyless cabinet with him 😂 and I understand that completely

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