¿Por qué el Newcastle no compra a TODOS?

Newcastle se convirtió en el club más rico del mundo la temporada pasada y muchos esperaban que gastaran el dinero en efectivo en la ventana de este verano, pero ¿por qué no lo han hecho?

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30 comentarios en “¿Por qué el Newcastle no compra a TODOS?

  1. Vince Smith

    I am toon fan and I am happy the way things are going. Getting back to a properly run football club. We do not want to do like Everton or even the way City did it. We have to do it our way. You are correct slowly building moving forward. Also the football is great to watch again.

  2. James Fretwell

    We really don't need another centre back, we still have the likes of lascelles, dumett, and Fernandez who aren't getting a game, we have both, botman and sharr. That's easily enough centre backs to get us going. The right wing and striker is the most needed, but nobody wants to come in and play second fiddle to Wilson, and theres not A load of quality wingers out there, who fit the remit Newcastle seem to be strictly sticking to.

  3. D R

    FFP won't allow them to buy every player, yes, FFP applies to English clubs, not Spanish clubs apparently. and players have many options to sign for.

  4. James McCarthy

    I wouldn't pay any more than £50m for Maddison, that's already steep! £60m will have every club in Europe thinking they can rip the arse out of us in future. That said, the more I think about the transfer, the more I like it. Maddison would give us a bit of 'umph!' that we're missing at the moment.

  5. silent

    They are doing things very smart.LC want 60 mil plus davbukra in the deal and mony paid in full.Vet they still owe Newcastle 8 mil of the perez deal.Lc must be in serious trouble with ffp.Good nufc arnt letting clubs take the piss.maddson is a no go as they are now wanting garumze best pal at the club and he wants to join even venues after arsenal man City have wanted him and more.

  6. Andy H

    Excellent analysis, well done. Not sure where they go. Madison or Paqueta? No right winger comes to mind, which is a pity. So not excited but positively optimistic. Oh and no striker is on the horizon and we REALLY need one as cover for Wilson …..

  7. 13guns

    Fair play rules are stopping us basically. Having to buy smart. Slow build the team. Got the basics nailed down. Solid Def and keeper. Team in good shape, need a RW. Definitely get one. Matter of time and who. Money available, just a case of having to buy smart. I'm shocked cornet didn't get signed up. 17.5m, seemed perfect.

  8. G-Linka

    At the end of last season, Eddie Howe said many times that Newcastle’s spending wasn’t going to be over the top, yet many ppl are shocked/surprised by their current transfer business…
    I’m a Newcastle fan, and yes, I’d love more top players through the door, but we have to be realistic & just trust what the owners are striving towards.

  9. Adnan Ali

    Man this guy hit the nail on the head agree 1Billion percent I hope they treat Eddie Howe well . But im getting Ashley vibes with the Brits involved with PIF .
    This will make the top 6 happy


    I wouldn’t keep sniffing around England. They have no interest in helping us out even if they need the money. It will have to be outside of England for sure. They need to consider loans at this point. Anything to get depth.

  11. Scott22922

    As a Newcastle fan, I doubt the Maddison deal will go through. Unless Leicester accept a bid of £45-£50M, I highly doubt it will happen. We’re not going to overspend, we’re going to do it right.

  12. Luke Gillespie

    Literally Newcastle can’t win. We spend loads we’ve bought the league. Or improve the squad slowly and then we’ve had a underwhelming transfer window and the money isn’t real. With the exception of Chris wood (which was wise because it hurt Burnley which was critical to them at the time and it’s a slight panic buy) every player we’ve bought has been a improvement. This is a 5-10 year plan. Have patience.

  13. Dominic Harvey

    Definitely a right winger and also need a forward as Callum Wilson is prone to injury. As a Newcastle supporter I am so excited for the future. Not just at the way the transfers are going but the investment in the infrastructure, for example the woman’s team, the upgrade of the training facilities, improvements in the stadium. The owners taking a supportive interest in the local food bank and bringing in the right staff into the right positions. These are just some of the examples of the commitment the owners have to Newcastle United.

  14. V 4 Vendetta

    Newcastle just wont pay. The market is the market and they low ball offer for everyone and then walk away. Its getting boring and predictable and it could be that dan ashworth is just out of his depth.

  15. George Blott

    Because they got a relegated Bournemouth manager and were basically in the bottom 3 for 5 months. Can’t turn into Billy big bollocks overnight. Love the Geordie’s but Newcastle fans are delusional.

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