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  1. @us83uk

    Finally a journalist saying it as it is… this season has been a failure due to last summers transfer window. Howe can't get away with saying longstaff was carrying an injury as he had to get another body in the January transfer window but he didn't. Maybe it's all on ashworth… who knows…. but if they get this summer wrong too then I imagine that will be it for Howe.

  2. @user-yj2od2od8m

    The season is over so let’s give some players who are out of form a rest like Burn, Longstaff and Almiron. What is the point in Lewis Hall sitting on the bench let him play and let’s see if he can perform because you can’t tell if he’s any good in training games. Bring Lewis Miley back in instead of Longstaff the boy has looked Below par for a month and now we hear he’s carrying an injury so give him a rest. Almiron what to do with Miggy clearly his time at the club is coming to an end so why not give Trevino Sanusi a go, I know he’s only 16 and he might not be ready but trust me the boy is going to be a star so why not give him some minutes and reward him for him performances at the lower level

  3. @liamk15

    Makes sense to rotate Longstaff and Miles if one is injured and one needs resting. But against Chelsea. Bruno gets subbed Longstaff stays on after having the worse game in a Newcastle shirt 😵‍💫

  4. @alancharlton109

    He’s full of shi* he always plays out of form players over in form players. Burn instead of tino, longstaff instead of miley, miggy instead of Murphy. Never gives any youngins a chance

  5. @rickyd4073

    Signing Onana from Everton is a real possibility. If Bruno leaves for City or PSG, I could see Big Joe only staying for one more year. Onana is very powerful and robust. Solanke will replace Wilson, although I don’t want him long term. Another centre back will come in who is strong and dominant, similar to a Konate. We were interested in signing Disasi before Chelsea swooped in.

  6. @PrivateEye121

    If Longstaff plays today his match rating will be worse than last weeks (2) and his rating against Wolves (3)
    Yet Eddie still plays him the full 90, we'll be lucky if its not at least Manchester City 3 – 0 Newcastle United at Half Time.
    Expect nothing anything else is a bonus.

  7. @Orlando-oq8nn

    The lack of options is fair for most positions this season but Dan Burn is not one. Livramento has sat on that bench most weeks when everyone knew burn would be eaten alive ahead of games. Its not good enough and Eddie's stubborness will be his undoing. Dan burn is the slowest player in the PL and hes being picked every week despite costing us at least a goal a game. Ive had about enough now of Howe's loyalty to the english players

  8. @terrym61

    Whatever happened to sympathising with Sandro Tonali?I did say at the time of his “punishment “ that as soon as the team started to flag the sympathy would go out the window and that’s exactly what’s happened.From fans saying they hope he doesn’t play for us again and not one question from journalists to Eddie asking how his rehabilitation is going.

  9. @richardr951

    If you don’t perform you don’t play. Then why the fk he plays Dan fkn burn and long shanks every match? It’s like having two training cones on the pitch. Or when trippier went suicide mode for around 6 matches in a row

  10. @Jasonwearmouth

    Dan burn cost us 2 goals against luton and got taken off. He then played him against Bournemouth the next home game he gave a goal away and got taken off for tino. Eddie clearly has a different view on what a good performance is all those times Burn was having a shocker or you knew they had a bit pace and he would get rinsed yet he still refused to play tino.

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