Why Newcastle United might LEAVE St James' Park | Full True Faith NUFC Podcast

This week’s show is a look at what is happening with St James’ Park and noises around the club that a decision may be approaching on what happens next – i.e. expand SJP or move to a new stadium.

Si hosts Ketch, Ordy and Roobenstein for an in depth chat about the future of SJP, and what needs to happen for the club to continue to grow.

The lads also consider the pros/cons of staying vs moving and what we would want to see if it has to be a new stadium. Featuring a great New Stadium shopping list from Ketch!

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9 comentarios en “Why Newcastle United might LEAVE St James' Park | Full True Faith NUFC Podcast

  1. @avinaturkish

    Fans who refused to come before the take over don't deserve to be able to come now? REALLY??? What about fans who gave up a box and 6 season tickets because they were intelligent enough to realise they were part of the problem that was keeping Ashley at the club by constantly filling his pockets. What a naive small minded perspective. Grow up

  2. @ilcorvo9559

    One thing I don’t like is the stuff about giving away season tickets etc as if that’s a gauge of appetite (or lack of) from fans which may come back. Those fans didn’t stop wanting to attend SJP, they chose to stop giving Mike Ashley money. It was probably a gutting decision for them. The new owners would have to get things so wrong, so appallingly bad for that to happen again. Case in point, our average attendance in the championship under Benitez was over 50k.

  3. @relayer27

    The road access to the arena site is terrible and there isn't much room for manoeuvre down there. I would opt for building a new stadium at Leazes Park as its in the same location as SJP

  4. @philly_r_8727

    Lads , with all due respect you’ve missed out on a huge detail that’s slightly embarrassing on your part ,
    There are two design teams working on 2 projects , a new ground and an extension to the current one , these things do not just get done overnight it takes years to design a new stadium, we are obviously at that point and are being primed as we speak for what could be an announcement in the summer id imagine , can’t believe you never even brushed by that point

  5. @IndieGoFigure

    Leazes Park or the arena site should keep the spirit of the club alive as they stay close to the heart of the city, really don't want to see them move any further away than that though.

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