FFS!!! Newcastle to SELL 4 Players to Battle FFP Crisis!

True Geordie reacts to the news that Trippier, Wilson, Almiron and Joelinton could all be leave Newcastle United in the near future.

⚫️⚪️ Newcastle in Crisis: Farewell to Trippier? ⚽️ With FFP concerns looming, four Newcastle players, including Kieran Trippier, are reportedly seeking January exits. Trippier, a defensive stalwart and key post-takeover signing, may depart amid financial woes. As a fan-favorite, his potential departure sparks mixed emotions. Will Newcastle part ways with their defensive maestro? Let us know in the comments below! 🔄 #NewcastleUnited #Trippier #TransferTalk

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30 comentarios en “FFS!!! Newcastle to SELL 4 Players to Battle FFP Crisis!

  1. @tomruddell9099

    I don’t know what all the fuss is about, we know how ffp works.
    We have loads of players who have been playing above their ability, cash in and improve. They should have done it in the summer. Trips I’m sad about though.
    Key word is amortization

  2. @karltaras2132

    I always knew it was going to be facinating to see how Newcastle try to break into the top 6 and beyond. You people having a go at FFP and other teams speding so much but when you look at the top 6 they have established world wide comercial revenue, long term youth inventment that generating assests and income. Bug squad of high values, most other teams. Newcastle just dont don't have that. They can have billions ready to invents but the rules have always been there so you can't compete with those clubs you have be at the top until their revenue is on par. It will be intresting to see if or how the management manage to bridge the gap.

  3. @MagicHat39

    Not trying to lose Joelinton but it might make sense if it is for Everton's Onana. Wilson, Almiron and Trippier for M Gibbs White plus a loan for a cheap veteran striker would work until the summer. Everton and NF have worse FFP concerns. Still doubtful we could pull it off but I don't see us letting them all go for nothing. Ashworth needs to show his worth…. last summer wasn't it.

  4. @pepsidave

    I’ll agree that FFP is a flawed system, and only benefits to favour the big clubs. It keeps the big clubs rich, and keeps the small clubs poor. You can only generate more revenue with success, but you can only get success by spending.
    It still to this day amazes me that clubs like Newcastle voted for it without seeing what it would mean for them. Everton the same.
    Ask yourself why FFP allows huge huge debts, but refuses owner investment and you’ll find the answers for which clubs were pulling the strings behind the scenes.

    Thankfully my club were able to increase revenues before the drawbridge was fully withdrawn. And we’ve been pretty successful since. Had we not won the league in 2013, maybe things would look very different.

    Don’t hate the player, hate the game, and display your hate fairly, which your tweet doesn’t do. Facts would show that 13/20 winners pre FFP were one club. So to show just the last 6 seasons in an attempt to show how unfair the league is, is quite frankly bollocks my friend.

    For the record, I’d welcome you being allowed to spend what you want to compete, it’s how it should be. I’d personally welcome the competition. 👍

  5. @chunky-d3204

    I think we should just got spend 3 billion on players 😅 start the season on -15pts and still make it into the champions league and then win the league with our super team the following season 😂😂😂

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