Do Potential Star Exits Suggest Huge Changes at Newcastle United? | True Faith NUFC Podcast

Alex hosts Si, Jon Lane and Michael Martin to discuss NUFC potentially losing club captain Kieran Trippier to Bayern Munich as well as Calum Wilson to Athletico Madrid. Tied in with reports Joelinton may have played his last game for NUFC we discuss if the general direction of travel has changed at Newcastle United after two years of clear progress and positivity on and off the pitch.

We also discuss Premier League Profit and Sustainability rules and how fair the impact is they have on Newcastle United.

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25 comentarios en “Do Potential Star Exits Suggest Huge Changes at Newcastle United? | True Faith NUFC Podcast

  1. @paulhodges3085

    Pepe Reina (Villarreal) is 40 + years old. So lads 45 and under can play if they are good enough and can last (effectively) for a full play, if those lads are consistent at the ages they are (+ -45 years old) I'm sure they'd be accepted for a mortgage! While the lads are playing In 🇬🇧 league's. 😬 In my opinion like.

  2. @paulhodges3085

    I am not that knowledgeable about football (NUFC) economies not the inner management, but I do remember that Eddie Howe did say in a press conference that, 'theres, no ceiling ' to the persuit of Newcastle United achieving success.

  3. @colenewton5183

    Need to chill out man being so sensationalist. If it wasn’t for mass injuries we’d be in the European places and selling a couple top players wouldn’t look so bad… remember the road to success is never straight.

  4. @chrisyboy666

    So rather then having your pics taking with Darren Eales are you going to ask him exactly what is going on to explain to the fan base what is going on as we are starting to believe he has absolutely I idea how this club and fan base feel and he has no clue how to run this club

  5. @davidlittle6377

    The most telling thing for me is Trippier hasn't just shut this down….clear he wants to leave
    I agree though he's class but he's 33…Wilson made of glass….Almiron not good enough…if they can get good money let's see who they bring in…Phillips in permanent deal I suspect is what they're working on…thats why they want the money now

  6. @mandypyle6495

    Everything the premier league do is to keep the cartel 6 happy,they will stop any team from breaking into that top 6 ourselfs Everton villa,Brighton they will make sure no team but the top cartel 6 can win the premier league

  7. @MogMonster87

    I feel like Howe sentimentally wanted to trust the players who got us to champions league and it’s backfired massively along with the summer window(apart from livramento). The club are just down scaling things now because the seasons botched

  8. @rocketiain84

    If PSR was just linked to banked debt and not losses it would encourage owners to bankrupt themselves chasing the dream not the clubs. The reason so many americans love buying football clubs its never really there own money there playing with, its just banked debt the club owes not them. Big rich owners would then be pumping there money and only there money into the football pyramid. Even our Saudi owners will reach a point where they wont pump money in, the PIF isnt going to bankrupt all of Saudi spending hundredsof billions trying to wint the carabao cup.

  9. @geordiebythesea

    Lads i agree with most of what youve said, my issue is, becasue we done ao well last season and had a lot of injuries this season, are we not getting carried away with what we should be able to do? Let's not forget we have spent over £400 million since the takeover. Darren Eales stated how much the club is growing behind the scenes financially. It just looks to me that our fans want things far too quickly. If we carry on building our revenues behind the scenes we will be able to compete in a few years time. i dont think the rules stop people competing they just slow the process down. Newcastle will get to where they want to be it was never a 3 year plan it was a 5-10 year plan. Keep the Faith

  10. @kathchandler4919

    The use of sponsors linked to our owners, well the Saudi ones has GOT to be out of the window now that Ratcliffe has, literally stated that's exactly what he's planning to do once he's got his feet under the table in February!

  11. @shamrockballs1066

    Almiron on his way to Saudi. I'm beginning to think that the club has came to the conclusion that the season is over and they are planning for the summer right now by starting the process of getting rid of players we may have ordinarily looked to sell in the summer.

  12. @IanEckert1977

    I Have Got Kieron Trippier's Thunder-Bolt Free-Kick Against Manchester City From The Gallowgate End On My YouTube Channel Fellow Space-Cadets…

    …Worth A Look Fellow Fight-Fans…

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