Spurs BATTER Newcastle! What The F**k is WRONG with Us 🤬

True Geordie reacts to last night’s 4-1 defeat away to Tottenham Hotspur.

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43 comentarios en “Spurs BATTER Newcastle! What The F**k is WRONG with Us 🤬

  1. @seagz2007

    Love Eddie, he is great, but do think how he integrates players has shot him in the foot this season, he needs to learn to trust his squad because when the squad was fully fit he wouldn’t rotate players to start games often enough. He never played Lascelles before the injuries, which he has shown that he could of, so Botman got injured. Wouldn’t play Hall or Livramento, so Burn got injured, kept playing the same 3 midfielders and forwards, so a lot of them got injured too. Hope we bounce back from these defeats moreso the Everton one, as Spurs look a force this season.

  2. @Dawidrylek

    Deserved, ego went up too much. Called out everyone else’s flaws but didn’t realise what is happening at his own club – fair play to Newcastle though they ain’t going anywhere with that money

  3. @VentusMedia

    Tbh I thought with our injuries we would be in a far worse position. It is what it is and both Everton and Spurs should enjoy, because both of these will be distant memories in the future.

  4. @qdarley99

    There's nothing wrong with you guys; it's the effect of having CL ball and a small squad rotation. I'm a Spurs fan, and I've seen this play out too many times. end up hoping for a run to the knockout rounds of CL and just getting the top 4. You commented about spending that's troubling due to FFP during your watch-along; I'm glad you guys are spending, and don't know how it will play on the backend. Newcastle is one of the teams I enjoyed watching when I was introduced to the PL over a decade ago. Ba, Cisse, Traore, Sissoko, teams were entertaining to watch and play with on FIFA.

  5. @Steve-ps4fx

    I hope Eddie Howe gets the sack because of the Fans 😳🤙.. I think Poch will get the sack from Chelsea, then Newcastle will lose another couple and Toon Army will see the chance to make the change to Poch. Eddie Howe will them Join Chelsea and make an unbelievable turnaround for the Blues. 🏆

  6. @Raggattoni

    It's been impossible to bring in more quality dude to financial constraints. Villa have spent big for many years. We haven't. We've only had squad investment for 2 and a half years.
    Letting a few bad results get you upset points to a weakness in character.

  7. @conorsweeney100

    Guy is fucking deluded. Slagging his own players even though the squad is clearly hit by injuries. Going in an Almiron every chance he gets. Was questioning Howes position if their slow start continued a few weeks back before going on like he’s the best thing since sliced bread recently. Constantly acting like he knows something we don’t like the Ten Haag situation calling for his sacking saying he saw this months ago. Seemingly changes his mind and opinions every week, totally hypocritical.

  8. @jzajzz

    Does that mean Trent is going to replace Trippier as second RB for England… Imagine if it were Trent..ppl would go crazy…
    Meanwhile Trent s defense has the least goal allowed in the league

  9. @gregwalsh2045

    It winds me up how we keep playing the same 11, I know injuries, but the Everton game, we could have played Dummet, hall and Kraft at the back like we did against Man Utd, rested a few people ready for spurs. Worst comes to worst we lose against Everton and we can say we had to play a weakened side, rather than pretty much our first choice 11 getting battered 2 games running

  10. @isthatakingfisher2931

    Facts that toon fans are too scared to admit: Joelinton Almiron Longstaff Lascelles, Burn are no where near good enough to be playing week in week out.

    Serious money needs to be spend in January, should’ve done it in the summer when we had the chance. Bad decisions in the transfer market by Howe again.

    Ps does anyone know why Lewis Hall can’t get a look in when we’ve got most our team out injured? Seems a waste of money to me.

  11. @jakerisi

    I do think this is a bit of an over-reaction, just like when we were talking about winning the league.

    The pendulum swings hard and the fans swing with it. 2 bad matches aren’t good but no reason to get upset. We’ve got a good squad and a lot of injuries. Problems to solve but not a lost cause. Trust in Eddie Howe. He and the lads hate losing more than us!

  12. @mart73100

    This is why as a Villa fan, I NEVER get overexcited. It's sad that i still tick off the 40 point mark. John McGinn has played more minutes then any Newcastle player and he's still going strong. Bailey and Tielemans not so much.🙄

  13. @deltingfc

    Welcome to being a fan of a top 6 team, were teams literally draw up plans to nullify everything you're team is good at.

    Eddie Howe has never experianced this level scrutiny until this season, because teams are actually taking Newcastle seriously now.

  14. @jorgegarza323

    How come Newcastle gets so much praise for being as bad as they've been when United gets shamed for being as bad as they've been despite having similar circumstances and a worse transfer window?

  15. @alandixon7948

    Mate i dont want to cause any bother on your site but i could see this coming and im a Sunderland fan it's down to Eddie howe some coaches can take a team so far forward and as good as a coach he is he has taken Newcastle as far as he can

  16. @martinbomark9594

    I agree about Almiron and the same has to be said about Joelinton regarding football intelligence. The amount of times he takes too long on the ball and end up with a bad decision is staggering, and the passing aren't at the required level as well. Rome wasn't built on one day though, and if the owners are serious about going for the league within 5-10 years of taking over, these kind of players will go in time. Regarding the keeper, just go for Diogo Costa now, he will help to take us to the next level.

  17. @jamesputtik1474

    So when Utd loose ten Haag should be sacked but when Newcastle loose its injuries and schedule. Obviously Newcastle have had bad injuries but Utd had 11 players out for over a month on top of an ownership problems and the Antony , sancho and greenwood situation. U can’t blame the manager for other teams but not yours

  18. @OnePlanetBelievers

    I was actually routing for Newcastle, not anymore, yall are delusional, the disrespct to almiron, runs into the ground for you and easily one of your best players last season, shows how much you know, Aston villa has replaced you, go sign mbappe to get u over the line 🤡

  19. @johndoody8089

    Mate newcastle have been amazing please look at the injury list mate pack it in hate you people that start putting newcastle down Eddie howe amazing players amazing just stop give newcastle a break

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