True Geordie INSISTS Eddie Howe CAN Win The Premier League! 🏆

True Geordie makes his case for Eddie Howe being a threat to the Premier League’s best managers.

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30 comentarios en “True Geordie INSISTS Eddie Howe CAN Win The Premier League! 🏆

  1. @ActiveArron

    Guy in red headset really that stupid to understand Geordie was only comparing styles of Bruno and Keane and not saying he is better. It ain’t a difficult thing to get your head around man

  2. @ScottYoung29

    My only thing with Howe is, to win the league you need a group of top players and with top players comes with top egos a lot of the time

    And I’m not sure if he’s the type of character who’s gonna be good at managing top egos

    He might be, but we’ve not seen it yet

  3. @sanjaydhirwan791

    I think he has a great job so far but I am still waiting for things to go wayword once, that will be real test for him, when results are not going his way and the solutions he tries dont work, during those times it will be worth seeing if newcastle will stick with him and give him time or go for the next level manager

  4. @jonathanburn4388

    Pep has always inherited elite squads and a blank check at city. Eddie Howe has built both Bournemouth and NUFC from rock bottom of course hes capable! Plus i believe Pep will be in the prem another 3 seasons max!

  5. @slimshady12345ish

    On one hand TG, you say Eddie makes the right signings of players who are at a level where they don't think they are bigger than the manager then go on to say if Eddie had the same budget as Pep he would be better, well… that bigger budget would buy a higher calibre of player, ones who have won more than Eddie right ? ones that wouldn't listen to him ? My point is going off what you have stated there. You make some great points but your constant disrespect to Pep when Newcastle are heading that way is delusional, other than that great content.

  6. @JS_Jordan

    For me, Eddie Howe gets mid table players (not to disrespect them) and gets them playing out of their skin. will he be able to work with the big egos that’ll inevitably be signed? If he can, I think he can lead a title charge, but it’s a tough job. That’s what makes pep so great, not many superstar flops at city

  7. @MultiFifa007

    Difference between eddie and ten hag is ,eddie is a coach hes coaching players to be better players ,on and off the pitch ,ten hag is a manager ,hes managing a club ,name one player hes coaches on the training feild to be better ?

  8. @jonathangault3335

    I watched a coachimg session when Eddie Howe was at Bournemouth…He had the players running like Olympic athletes…in traiining…Full backs and wingers running at the opposition….Looks like Newcastle are doing the same levels of running…Forget tactics…Run faster and further and win individual battles….Eddie Howe can win the league at Newcastle

  9. @TheTruthNEGFTW

    I very much agree with Bryan on this
    Newcastle have the funds, recognition to attract players and the support base

    I think that in 2026 or 2027 time an Eddie Howe Newcastle will be probably winning a league title, they just need to maintain their current policy on acquiring players. The players they are getting now will be a big part of the future and will be in their prime by 2026. So by then you'll have about 7 prime players and 3 hungry youngsters in the first 11.

    Just get a marquee player (like how Cantona was marquee for Man Utd in the 90s) to tie it all together to replace Trippier and set a standard of high performance.

  10. @irregulairty3696

    I honestly don't think Pep or Klopp, despite them being elite-level managers could do what Eddie Howe has done in transforming players like Lascelles, Joelinton, Almirón, and Longstaff. Hell, he even played Dummett and Krafth at CB vs Man Utd (albeit a bad Man Utd team) and they kept a clean sheet having not played in over a year.

  11. @ryanhodson993

    True geordie in this said 1) newcastle will win a premier league with 3 more years. 2)howe is better than pep. 3) trippier is the best english player in the world. 4)bruno guamiraes is better than roy keane. Who gave geordie drugs someone mist have spiked his drink.

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