I think it’s time I am honest to you about my Newcastle United content…

I am making huge changes to my YouTube Channel after having time to think about my direction #newcastle #nufc #championsleague

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42 comentarios en “I think it’s time I am honest to you about my Newcastle United content…

  1. Kevin Bell

    I like your videos Adam, you've been great to watch over the years. As fans i think we want to see Newcastle content more than anything else, that's what we're here for, and proably the reason why you started this to begin with, to bring us newcastle content we wouldnt normally see. Some of the more recent videos overnight blogs have changed, and maybe not as interesting, watching you in the arcades in bournmouth wasnt that exciting 😀 Defo agree that content can be different, but you're good at what you do, you're a good presenter keep the content simple and informative on the club and you'll be onto a winner. 💯

  2. Nathan Thomson

    I would enjoy seeing you do skits as Eddie and the players. Check out Kallmekris for some inspiration of how to create a story flipping between characters and how a single costume prop can define a new character. Something else to consider is collaborations because you bring your audiences together and maximize viewership

  3. Jay Kevan

    Adam, just a bit of advice if you want to do media work like the other lads. I'm not a geordie, but I lived in Newcastle for 25 years. When I first started watching you, I found it very difficult to understand you because you have an extremely strong geordie accent which a non geordie would find impossible to understand. Try to talk a bit slower and pronounce your words more clearly if you want to get known beyond Tyneside, because you have a really good personality for the media.

  4. Dennor

    Hi Adam your looking at correct avenues,look up gematria and q as Newcastle have so many q numbers combination of 1/3/5/7/9/
    Players number time on pitch goals scored and conceded include seconds ect how many clean sheets did pope keep last season ,muggy had alot of good examples also when you burn out change is sometimes a good break also ,keeps me busy but I don't go further than my bedroom at the moment due to illness for 35 year but will get sorted soon keep going mate keeps me up to date thankyou

  5. Eoin O

    i like your stuff. if you are looking to improve talk fcb is an excellent channel you should have a look for inspiration. he uses premier pro. keep up the good work

  6. rhoda borrecks

    I actually feel spoiled as a Newcastle fan with the amount of great content creators focussed on the club. I don't really want any of them, including Adam to change. Saying that, by all means add more etc, but don't lose the personality and integrity – not that I think it's likely or anything. Keep doing what you're doing. You are very much appreciated. I know nothing about the professional side of what you do, but I would suggest that you let changes be gradual and not too forced.

  7. Paul Hardy

    I really love your content and watch about 90% of your videos when they drop. Taking stock of what you have done Adam, 2 years ago you decided to be a full-time YouTuber and 2 years later you are nominated for an award – that's an absolutely huge accomplishment. Rome wasn't built in a day. Keep at it and learn from the best and you will thrive.

  8. Keegan Groom

    Hi Adam met you at the Burnley game when we beat them 2-0 cheers for the picture very humble guy! I use to make YouTube videos and I think one of the things that are missing from your channel is a intro 🤷‍♂️ this might encourage the range of audience that your trying to interact with! Ps I prefer your content the the magpie channel but that’s just my preference! Keep it up Adam 👍

  9. Wigan Latic

    Brilliant that you're thinking about doing more + exploring TikTok/Shorts etc. but also be proud of what you've achieved. Watch your first few videos, then newest videos – the difference in quality/presenting is staggering. You don't fluke 50,000 subscribers – that comes with consistency, dedication + people wanting to watch your content. Don't be too harsh on yourself mate – keep up the good work.

  10. Mad Mag

    All the Newcastle content creators deserved a prize last night for all the hard work and amazing content they put out regularly for us fans keep up the amazing work AdamP don't over think things mate if it wasn't for the amazing content we wouldn't be here you've done amazing to get where you are

  11. Carl Simpson

    Can't believe ya didn't get even in top 3 at content awards a watch all ya videos me dad does too a also watch roobenstein and the magpie channel and in my opinion your channel is the best ya constantly on the road following nufc wherever they are going anywhere in the world doing that is a major commitment people might think that it is easy to do what ya doing then making a 10 min video to post on YouTube a have never done it myself but a can understand how hard it all will be when you decided to go full time you made a life changing commitment to the toon and ya should be proud of yaself pal and now you want to do more that just shows how committed you are there are some players in certain clubs not as committed as you are to doing this just keep up the good work pal even if ya content didn't change it wouldn't stop me watching everything you post

    Good luck with it all matey #nufc4life

  12. James Hogg

    Cheers Adam I've enjoyed watching your videos on match days home an away 😀 sos you you missed out at the awards in Liverpool, good luck on the new look blogs you are planning 👍 don't stretch your self to far take care

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