🚨 Sandro Tonali listo para unirse al Newcastle 🚨 | FC ESPN

🚨 Sandro Tonali listo para unirse al Newcastle 🚨 | ESPN FC El equipo de ESPN FC opina sobre los informes de que Sandro Tonali está listo para unirse a Newcastle. #espnfc #fc Suscríbete a ESPN UK: sigue a ESPN UK en varias plataformas:

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36 comentarios en “🚨 Sandro Tonali listo para unirse al Newcastle 🚨 | FC ESPN

  1. Craig

    'Suprised numbers got so high for Tonali' erm, he is 23, and you are not just buying a player now but a complete product within 3 years? Who is this pundit??

  2. Dennis Freeman

    You need stars In their role I think tonali is that, he’s not a galactico but a successful team doesn’t need eleven of those, to be a top team the players who do dirty work have to be ballers too, which makes him a top player

  3. Rocky Balboap

    How long have i been saying get chiesa in ??? And then if you get raspadori or paulo dybala to play off callum wilson or isaak im telling you they will challenge man city? Left back dimarco or bastoni? Remember who told you first ????

  4. robert fletcher

    Look out Man United, Man City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool there is a NEW KID ON THE BLOCK and I am not a Newcastle Fan! I wish my team Man United did transfers like this , United fans live in HOPE! United if not careful could be fighting relegation if the chaos remains.

  5. AIAH

    Tonali will not dribble past 10 players and score a wonder goal, he will also not give you a bunch of goal assists. His qualities are that he is tireless, he will run a full 90 for you. He has grit and will fight for every ball, he tackles like a great defender in the middle of the park and he distributes the ball well especially to the wide players. Not every player is a goal and assist type guy. Tonali is a beast playing from the back.

  6. Patrick McCann

    As a Milan fan these people are under valuing Sandro so much. Breaks my heart into pieces that our idiotic owners may have forced him out. He will be a stud for Newcastle, I hope the fans appreciate him like our fans did cause we all loved him as a player and symbol of our club! Hope we kills it at Newcastle and comes back when his contract is up

  7. flickchic238

    Chiesa to Newcastle is interesting. Should Allegri leave Juve, however, Chiesa may have that chance of playing as a winger, which is what he is.

    Also, hope ESPN have more Nicky on in the future

  8. Joe Schmoe

    Another Middle Eastern club grossly overpaying for a player that could have picked up anywhere for almost nothing! These guys never fail to entertain, like a screwball comedy.

    80 million!?!?! For Sandro?

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