“¡Creo que GASTARÁN!" 👀 ¡Simon Jordan habla sobre el futuro de Newcastle después de la clasificación de la UCL! 🔥

Simon Jordan y Jim White hablan sobre la clasificación del Newcastle para la Liga de Campeones y el futuro del club. ¿Te gustó este video de YouTube? 😍 Suscríbete aquí: mira algunos de los contenidos MÁS POPULARES de talkSPORT 🔥 ⚽ ¡DEBATE CALIENTE! Simon Jordan y Graeme Souness SE ENFRENTAN por el trato de Erik ten Hag al jugador del Man United, Cristiano Ronaldo ⚽ Simon Jordan opina sobre Gary Neville trabajando para BeIN Sports con sede en Qatar durante la Copa del Mundo de 2022 ⚽ Ben Foster dice que Edwin Van Der Sar haría un entrenamiento mínimo y todavía estar listo para jugar para el Manchester United ⚽ Simon Jordan ENTRA en Gary Neville por su comentario de Man Utd vs Liverpool ⚽ El intermediario de Rudiger, Saif Rubie, hace afirmaciones explosivas de Chelsea y choca con Simon Jordan ⚽ El ganador del Premio de la Academia, Gary Oldman, está desconcertado por Ryan Reynolds y La compra de Wrexham por parte de Rob McElhenney ⚽ ¡INCREÍBLE CLASH! ¡Ray Parlor y Robbie Lyle se CALENTAN por las afirmaciones de que AFTV quiere que el Arsenal PIERDA! ⚽ Ben Foster le dice a talkSPORT que la Premier League lo habría ‘demandado’ si hubiera grabado los partidos que jugó para Watford ⚽ Simon Jordan y Graeme Souness CHOCAN por el papel de Daniel Levy en Tottenham ⚽ Simon Jordan ENTRA contra Jurgen Klopp por llamar a Gabby Agbonlahor ⚽ Simon Jordan argumenta que el Manchester City gasta MUCHO MÁS que el Liverpool y otros clubes de la Premier League ⚽ Simon Jordan reacciona a la sugerencia del propietario del Chelsea, Todd Boehly, de un juego All-Star de la Premier League Norte vs Sur ⚽ ¿Erling Haaland del Manchester City es mejor que Harry Kane del Tottenham? ? ¡Graeme Souness de talkSPORT cree que podría serlo! ⚽ Simon Jordan no cree que Steven Gerrard tenga la capacidad de ser entrenador en la Premier League 🖥️ Sitio web de talkSPORT: / 📲 Twitter de talkSPORT: 📷 Instagram de talkSPORT: 👤 Facebook de talkSPORT: 📱 Tik Tok de talkSPORT: 🔴 Descarga la aplicación de talkSPORT AQUÍ! – 🔎 ¿Quieres ver si apareces en nuestro canal de YouTube? Echa un vistazo a nuestra lista de reproducción de las mejores llamadas de talkSPORT: #newcastleunited #nufc #mancity #talkSPORT #PremierLeague #ChampionsLeague #FACUP #SimonJordan #EuropaLeague #LauraWoods #AllyMcCoist #ManUtd #ManCity #Liverpoolfc #Arsenalfc #Chelseafc

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35 comentarios en ““¡Creo que GASTARÁN!" 👀 ¡Simon Jordan habla sobre el futuro de Newcastle después de la clasificación de la UCL! 🔥

  1. BillyfromConsett

    Good appraisal by Simon. I’m warming to him! Jim, as usual, very decent gentleman.
    Next season can only go one way – that’s my fear anyway. But with a couple of astute signings, Newcastle will properly challenge the big lads.

  2. Raf 7

    The owners will definitely feel like they have no choice but to spend (within the rules), because we’ll have more games to play, the squad is paper thin in certain positions. We’ve got to get reinforcements in

  3. Robert Yi

    Newcastle owners sovereign wealth fund is ten times bigger then City owners. So yeah it’s how are they going to get finances filtered to club following ffp rules. But it’ll get there some how. Maybe a LIV sponsored pro am golf tournament with Toons players, hmmm. Expand its commercial revenue. It’ll get there some how. Newcastle will eclipse City sovereign wealth fund.

  4. Kr

    Newcastle are the reason why Man Utd fans are salivating at the prospect of the Qatari takeover. The difference is in the investment of the club and community and Newcastle will benefit for years to come

  5. Lukáš Matejka

    having money is not enough…… how many times have Man Utd paid 80 mil. or more for players in recent years and it completely backfired (Pogba, MaGuire etc.)……. they need to find people who know what they're doing, that's the key……. look how amazing Liverpool were in recent years and yet, they are probably the poorest club in Top 6

  6. Mark Anderson

    Bruno is our top wage earner £150 per week which is £700k less than Haaland. It’s going to be difficult to attract top players as there are many clubs who are willing to pay higher wages across Europe. Players like Rice, Maddison and more importantly their agents will be asking for a lot more than what Bruno is on. Newcastle will have to change their entire wage structure if they want to move to the next level.

  7. Ad

    Yes because Arsenal are about to finish at least 9 points ahead of all the other teams, and then somehow will have a transfer ban and Chelsea who are not in danger with FFP and are finishing in the bottom 10, will apparently be closer to Man City than Arsenal next season

  8. JRASH

    Newcastle will have the problem off players wanting to live up north especially their wives plus next season will be the one and they won't be challenging City next season. YNWA!!

  9. Joe Bloggs

    Although rarely mentioned, Amanda Stavely instigated the use of St. James park for the Newcastle Womens team. Watched by crowds of over 25,000 (more than Bournemouth or Brentford) taking that section of the club to another level.

  10. Paul Orlando

    Love Newcastle and am happy the fans who have had to wait nearly 15 years to get rid of Ashley – I feel the squad needs to be improved for UCL next year – possibly as many as 4 to 6 transfers
    The club has been excellent in buying new players up to now, lets hope it continues

  11. Charles Ingram

    All these agenda driven stories do my nut in. All that's going to happen is that this is all just going to drive further quality generally in the league. All the usual clubs will all respond and the top 6 or 7 will still remain, OK Newcastle might now be included in that fight but it is by no means going to be a 2 horse race between City and Newcastle.

  12. Ian Richard Morrissey

    I was born in Wallsend in 1954 went to SJP on me Dahs shoulders as a bairn then as a teenager and suffered like everyone else under Ashley. Now living in California for 37 years after 12 years in Canada, reet nuw am as happy as a Pig in Shite. HWTL

  13. Fitzroy George

    Well Simon is entitled to his opinion, but in the back of my mind is the fact that if city win there final game on Sunday that would be 14 games they've won on the stretch. 25/26?unbeaten. Liverpool went a whole season losing only one game and still came second. PSG has tons of money. I still don't rate them in Europe and that's not only me. So no Simon I don't see them challenging city in the near future certainly not next season

  14. Kurt Sudheim

    Simon, arsenal had alex on ther radar, (was 3/4th choice after Susan a year ago), as well as Bruno, man u also linked with him & wanted bot man for ages. Without the "bottomless pit", there's no way they're attracting them, or even kt. It hasn't just been the money that's done it for them, as usual, the manager is the most important part, but they're no way they get their without those stars

  15. Shanghigh

    Eddah ‘Owe has done a wonderful job and will always be remembered for setting us on our way. He’ll need to be replaced if we are serious about competing for trophies and titles. I think doing it this summer would be poor form considering that he’s such a decent guy, but the Saudis won’t want to leave it much longer to and will want to protect their brand. Eddah can walk away with his head held high, thanks for everything. UP THA TOON

  16. Temuri Ketsbaia

    Dont want to see us spending £250m on three players. We need about 8 at least.£150-200m on 8 quality players is needed. Sign Raphael Guerriero, Marcus Thuram and possibly Tielemans on free transfers

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