36 comentarios en “Newcastle United vs Manchester City 3-3 | Pep Guardiola post match Interview 🔥

  1. Neil Murrell

    An honest assessment of the game as he saw it, great manager and comes over as a good man. If Newcastle can produce that sort of intensity and play I'll be a happy man. HWTL.


    Foden is jealous that Haaland is here to take over and he feel threatened, it’s better we use Mahrez and Grealish not him anymore please, he is very childish and think maybe he deserve a golden boot in the squad, we have do many talented players than him 😭

  3. Jesus R-Grossmuller

    Wow o the hatred people show against Pwp is a immense, regardless of how his teams plays there’s always an excuse to discredit him, people always wait for Guardiola to say something about the opponent so that the media can go and take his words out of context. Newscastle is a good team but counter attack team which is what the manager is well known for. Teams played differently against City usually more defensively and always counter attack when they have the opportunity. I rather watch City lose a game but playing beautiful football and this what people don’t like about Guardiola. The rest of the temas can ply shitty and they will always get praised, but Guardiola will always be a fraud and a lunatic calling him all kinds of names. Envy is really thriving in the Premier that can’t stand the fact seeing a team as City rather they want to worship teams like Tottenham and Liverpool controlling and saying anything about other teams, they will never be criticized. Imagine if Guardiola comments on someone’s else’s team about anything poor guy would be crucified. Klopp can comment on topics such financial situations of other teams and people will say wow what a point without having no fucking clue of the situation but then again the English media is at the mercy of his balls and whatever comes out of stinky fake denture mouth 👄 a funny. Fuck off and leave City alone fuckers

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