Mientras Newcastle United continúa negociando un acuerdo con James Maddison y Leicester City, esta mañana surgieron nuevos informes de que el toon ahora está sopesando una oferta por el joven Kamaladeen Sulemana. ¡Una cosa es segura, este chico entusiasmaría mucho a la base de fanáticos de Newcastle y es absolutamente rápido! La tienda online de Toon Review ya está disponible. Obtenga la mercancía de su canal desde aquí: si aprecia el canal y lo que hacemos, puede donar al canal presionando el botón «Gracias» debajo del video. Conviértase en miembro de la familia The Toon Review: si disfruta el programa, no olvide presionar el botón Me gusta y ayúdenos a seguir haciendo crecer el canal. Si eres nuevo y te gusta lo que ves o aún no lo has hecho, considera suscribirte al canal. #NEWCASTLEUNITED #TRANSFERNEWS #THETOONREVIEW Ahora tenemos un servidor Discord en el que puede registrarse aquí: Twitter: @thetoonreview Facebook: Instagram: thetoonreview Consultas comerciales: pd.toonreview@gmail.com

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  1. Tim Ford

    How much would sulemana cost? Rennes paid 20 million for him last summer on a 5 year deal. Could be pricey and he's got European football this season

  2. hate the tories

    Çhecked him out…..seems half canny….but he'll go to somewhere else in Europe….we've got the Dosh….but we haven't got the massive club in Europe status..that's where things get harder….but we'll still get some canny players I wud think…him n ekitike in the same side wudda been VERY interesting for us…🤔

  3. V 4 Vendetta

    Wont happen. Wont pay the price. Ashworth is supposed to be good well he is not at transfers. All I hear is oil FC from my mates my colleagues and people on social media you would at least think the "oil" club wouldn't be penny pinching on this level over such an important area of the pitch at the crucial time of the new owners first summer window. This should of been a statement window not all players will know our owners ambition is probably over stated.

  4. Graham Sidney

    Think the owners are quite happy being linked with everyone, I just can't understand going for players when they are not obviously your top targets. Feel like we just working down a list of what if's

  5. CaSeBaLL - UK

    Now this is a player I have watched a few times and is like shit off a stick! £25m for 20 year old that is a massive step up with what we have! Pace, pace, pace but also with an end product…..Get him and Paqueta!

  6. King Arthur

    Im staying patient…..l just hope botman man marks lingard on weekend…but yeah pace is ehat we need….we need a fast winger and striker fast. We cannot keep letting news yell about who we after for days ee need to move faster and be mire ruthless. Thanks for info cant comment on this suliman is it…never heard of him 🙂 but until new FM game comes out my knowledge is based on old database 🙂 its amazing how accurate fm data is tho…moukoko is it in germany was my world class striker on fm 22…is 16 plays for a german team…him…adeyami…isak…sesko…were my four strikers that l won champions league with 4 times in a row…

  7. Stiff Gators

    So much excitement for the new season which has made the summer feel slow with no football barring friendlies. Thank you for the content and keeping us entertained over the summer Toon Review. Look forward to seeing you guys go from strength-to-strength during this season and beyond. You deserve it.

    Lets get 3 points on saturday! Howay The Lads! ⬛⬜⬛⬜

  8. Keith Lyons

    Hi Paul 1st Maddison he would be a marquee signing but I think once again a Ekitike a waiste of Toon time on another player get this new 20 yr old sign him stop all the rest jumping on the wagon. Same as Cornet 17.5 wtf is going on is there something Eddie knows about him or what that was a NO BRAINER

  9. Foxxyy

    I can see it now. Social media, @ing the owners demanding we sign Sulemana because he’s the greatest player ever despite never watching him play 😂😂😂 All jokes aside, very talented player, has done great since joining from Nordsjaelland but I’m sure Rennes paid around 20m for him so could be quite an expensive one for us. Keep up the great work Paul, another good video 🔥👏

  10. A G

    I think Leicester will take mick out of us because of money but hope we do sign mad , we def need to buy another striker and very soon , love your channel Paul and up the mags 😀😀😀

  11. Private Eye

    Its about time we started pushing for an out and out striker
    Some premier league strikers score more goals than Wilson & Wood in 3 games (sterling) and one striker scored the same amount in 1 game (haaland) 11 goals a season from strikers is just not good enough.

  12. Stu Flyboy Reay

    Patience’s is a virtue lads & lasses, I bet we are all happy and totally buzzing with the squad come the end of the window 👍🏻 HWTL ⬛️⬜️⬛️⬜️⬛️⬜️⬛️⬜️⬛️⬜️⬛️⬜️

  13. Delta keesei

    NUFC management must be serious about getting this player,Sulemana still young (20years, 175cm/Rennais club,) don't be like before, once you start bidding the media is busy reporting, finally the price goes up, other clubs bid and finally cancel because they can't compete or the players choose other clubs that have definitely appeared in the champions league or european league, similar to the case of ekitike, broja, sesko, etc., so the news is that if you have a deal, otherwise, Newcastle United will not have talented young strikers. .

  14. Lee Taylor

    Never heard of Sulemana before this video but from what I've heard he seems to have real potential. If we fail to sign Sulemana I wouldn't mind going for someone like Nico Williams from Athletic Bilbao.

  15. DominoEffect2528

    Personally in the midfield, I rather go for Paqueta, as he wants to move and lyon know that. He'll be a brilliant partnership alongside Bruno. Plus Paqueta's value could rise after the world Cup.

    Meanwhile, let Leicester play out their season and go back for Maddison next year when he's got a year on his contract.

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