Cargado Mag NUFC – Reacción – Newcastle United Vs Leeds United

Loaded Mag NUFC – Reacción – Newcastle United Vs Leeds United #NUFC #LUFC#NEWLEE

Echa un vistazo a nuestra variedad de Camisetas de fútbol. Camisetas de entreno y partido de clubes nacionales y selecciones internacionales.

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    100 wasn’t a pen. Watch it back schar runs into the def and he knows what he’s doing running into their def. The way I see pens is if that happened against us would I theink it was a pen for them. The answer is no, never a pen. We needed/should of took the numerous chances we made was so so poor in front of goal. Shame

  2. Kevin Myers

    Oi guy,s….we are building…we are NOT I repeat NOT…anywhere near City / Madrid/ Barcelona yet..fucking hell guys give the guys a break..WAIT WAIT WAIT…older guys thought the same as you lot..when we won 10 on the bounce with KK…walls can come crumbling down….STOP setting sights to high…..maybe yes maybe know…..just enjoy.
    Do you think if we meet 1 of the so called top 6 or even lower in a cup final that we are 100%….going to win???
    Get real guys

  3. Kendo

    How far we’ve come to feel deflated at a 0-0 against Leeds when we created loads of chances… still feels a bit of a downer esp given the Man City result

  4. Richie

    If ASM and Wilson are fit enough to come on after 60 mins, then they're fit enough to start. Naming the same side is becoming a bit too predictable, probably to Leeds' advantage yesterday.

  5. Carlos

    This is the exact reason we need to get rid of Wood and Wilson can rely on either Wilson on his day amazing but because of injury and his fitness 5 days out of 365 not good enough

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