¡¿EL TRATO REAL?! ¡Las posibilidades del Newcastle United de la Premier League TOP 4! 🤯 | Tiempo extra de ESPN FC

Bienvenido a la última edición dominical de ESPN FC Extra Time. 0:00 Presentaciones 0:30 La llamada cercana de Stevie con un oso 2:57 Serie A y pronunciaciones 3:30 Newcastle, ¿un legítimo contendiente entre los cuatro primeros? 8:10 El papel de Miguel Almiron con el Newcastle 11:00 La victoria de Nottingham Forest sobre el Liverpool y el nieto de Craig siendo fanático 12:45 ¿El mayor problema de descenso de la Premier League? 15:50 Charla de la Liga de Campeones del Inter de Milán 17:37 Más charla de «alarma antirrobo púrpura» 18:28 Charla de la Copa Mundial #ESPNFC #FCExtraTime #Soccer #ExtraTime #PremierLeague ✔ Suscríbete a ESPN+: ✔ Suscríbete a ESPN FC en YouTube:

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20 comentarios en “¡¿EL TRATO REAL?! ¡Las posibilidades del Newcastle United de la Premier League TOP 4! 🤯 | Tiempo extra de ESPN FC

  1. Richard Taylor

    Sick of pundits and presenters always bringing up the money we've spent.
    We were the 6th biggest spenders in the summer window FFS.
    Our whole new back 5 cost less than Maguire.
    Our midfield 3 cost less than Casemiro.
    Our front 3 cost less than Antony.
    Liverpool spent 150m on a goalkeeper and defender.
    Man City have signed 10 players that are more expensive than our second biggest buy.
    Liverpool have signed 6 players more expensive than our 2nd biggest buy.
    Then there's Chelsea and Man U.
    Everton, West Ham and Forest spent loads. Forest are bottom.
    Fulham spent over 100m a couple of seasons ago and got relegated.
    In the Ashley era, our average spend was 2.6m a season.
    So even if we spent 100m every transfer window for the next 10 years we'd still have a long way to go to catch up with other spenders.
    6 of our starting 11 against Spurs were Bruce player's, with a further 6 on the bench.
    Pisses me off that it's said it's down to our spending.
    It's more what Howe has done for the players already here before he came.
    He's completely galvanized Almiron, Joelinton, Schar, Willock, Fraser, Krafth and others.
    A lot of jealousy going on out there.

  2. Polo

    Respect them Newcastle gonna make there way up mark my word Europe League get used to playing against more teams and you'll see good club with a good history if they win January window we'll see

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