Could Newcastle WIN the Premier League BEFORE Man Utd? ? | Saturday Social

Statman Dave & Kyle Walker join Zac and Joe this week on Saturday Social. We take a look at 4 of the biggest trending topics on social media this week, including the proposed new Champions League format, Newcastle’s title chances, the fight for survival and Klopp’s new contract.
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32 comentarios en “Could Newcastle WIN the Premier League BEFORE Man Utd? ? | Saturday Social

  1. Matf661

    Everyone says "think of the fans for a week long festival of football" but it's easier to take 2 days off work than an entire week. Add onto that hotel costs, match costs etc and it all adds up.

    That isn't even touching how its more likely to make semis more cagey affairs as noone wants to make a mistake

  2. Bart

    Ten Haag should improve the side's display in turnovers, and hope to finish in one of the playoff positions, so that the club has something to play in the post season. Anything other than that would be a failure. Besides, the board should be able to secure some good trades in the off season in order to bolster the squad. ?

  3. Jack Hicks

    Agree with most of what was said, but the away goal rule should stay out of use. The only thing in football thats more pointless is the play off for promotion in the championship.

  4. exotik

    As a Newcastle fan I will say this, possibly in the foreseeable future, we could win the premier league. But it won’t happen anytime soon. I hear every Newcastle fan, everybody saying that we’re going to win the premier league next season or in 2 seasons. But it takes time, it’s not going to happen immediately so we have to trust the process, maybe hoping for a possible europa league spot will come first, but it will be a while before we win the entire league

  5. Matt

    Got to massively disagree. The champions league is WAY more exciting with just one leg, so much more enjoyable. And if this was the case then we never have to discuss away goals again

  6. John Smith

    It'll be gutting if liverpool win the treble but not the prem. If we fall one point short it will acc kill me knowing we were so close to being untouchable in history

  7. ADSKI 01

    Yes all refs should be mic'd (on pitch, assistants, var, the lot) and all communication with players should be possible for fans to hear. All the players should be carded for any bad language. It's the only way to improve the communication, refs should definitely not have to explain themselves after a game either – really silly comment.

  8. Rashid Khalid

    The advantage Newcastle have is that they are already getting players like guimeris who would get into top 4 teams.

    And due to covid a lot of clubs across Europe are in financial turmoil and they can take advantage and in a year or 2 time they can break the bank for the big players

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