TFTV16: Newcastle United are good now?

Charlotte and Alex are back to talk through another week of life as an NUFC fan. This week they talk through:

A strangely competent Newcastle United
Eddie Howe’s ASM espionage
Kieran Trippier isn’t playing but is still captaining this side

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37 comentarios en “TFTV16: Newcastle United are good now?


    Yeah somebody's actually recognised that a team like Newcastle should be where we belong a top.five side. So glad we got rid of the worst manager in the world Steve Bruce..he wasn't even good for Sunderland . So pleased that Ashley and Bruce have finally realised they can't kid the geordies anymore. theyve been found out. you should never of been.involved In neglecting our club in.the first place. It's Newcastle. Keegan knows..and now after all the doom and gloom we've finally got our heritage back..we've got the backing of someone with great business astute and potential and they've recognised that our club deserved better..much better and were in the process of rebuilding a force to be reckoned with now..great stuff..?

  2. Paul K

    Win at Brentford is massive, Burnley on the up with some kind fixtures coming up too. Everton have some difficult fixtures coming up, could get pulled into the bottom 3. What worries me is they do have quality. But Brentford if beaten will eventually drop into that bottom 3. Great channel keep it up

  3. Simon Nattrass

    Am about 8 mins into this and suddenly realise hey I'm not sitting comfortably (well lying on the floor actually) do adjusted myself to get to a real nice comfy position and then just as I'm ready to enjoy the rest of the convo I hear okay that's it catch you next time ??

  4. Chesrae

    If you look at the last few opposition manager's postmatch interviews, they've all said that we were better than them on the day. I don't believe that this is a phase. I genuinely think that we're a dangerous team now. Nowhere near the top 3 level of danger but definitely not to be underestimated anymore. We still need more players but we're not a laughing stock anymore

  5. Chris B

    ASM trained on Thursday. Pics are on the club site. More accurate conspiracy is ASM declared himself unfit to play very late in the week. Fri or even Sat morning.

  6. Adam Stoker

    Relative newcomer to watching stuff on your channel (owing to not wanting to digest more of Newcastle being shite previously) but I really enjoy the videos you two put out each week!

  7. georgio50

    Great video as always. Love the fact that everything about our club is all smiles, as opposed to the shite we have been previously used to. Its great to have owners who are involved and gan mad when we score.

  8. Graeme Brownley

    massive with the squad being trained properly and fighting now and a system that works plus the shithousery ( love it btw) cant believe the turn around in a short period of time

  9. Kevin McLaughlin

    Genuine resilience and fight on a consistent basis is what we are seeing. I would like to have seen the players show more fight regardless over the Ashley regime, but I suppose it's understandable that under ownership who actually want to grow the club and will invest heavily, and a young hungry manager who isn't a dinosaur who's only at the club to pick up a cheque and be a human shield for a feckless owner, that the players have found a new lease of life. Trippier taking the piss out of Fraser on a consistent basis about his height, when he's only about 2 inches taller himself, is hilarious.

  10. Jazzflute

    BREAKING: sunderland AFC has removed the Prince Andrew commemoration plaque from the Stadium of Light, which marked the opening of the venue. The Prince said he didnt want anymore embarrassment

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