GOLDBRIDGE Best Bits | Newcastle 1-1 Man United

Goldbridge best bits as Man United draw 1-1 with Newcastle

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34 comentarios en “GOLDBRIDGE Best Bits | Newcastle 1-1 Man United

  1. loai billan

    man united got just little problem is bruno position in attacking bad he have to in the same line between fred and mac to help to control the game .some time simple change fix huge problem

  2. Neil G

    Maybe just for now we as united fans need to just relax, accept things will take time to get this team to act as a team and stop over reacting. The pressure of this club is one of the big reasons it's failing imo, so just moving on from games like this is prob the best thing we can do

  3. JAD

    Maguire is Crystal Palace level pure and simple. He tries his best but he’s a second tier player at best. Lacks pace, touch is ropey, makes poor decisions at crucial times. Varane looks terrified playing next to him as he’s constantly worried about Maguire, you can see it.

  4. Pratosaurus Rex

    I’m getting the feeling that while the players played shite under Ole they were protected. Now they aren’t protected and either can’t or won’t use Rangnick’s methods. It’s disgusting really.

    Rangnick has to turn this around.

    P.S Saint Maximin goal was quality. What a goal.

  5. Stanley Morgan

    I said this to all you Rag muppets. Ole wasn’t your only issue.

    Your front line players are not that good and you have no depth. Martial and Rashford have regressed and I would expect Greenwood not to develop as well.

    Nineteen points behind the defending champions!! Closer to the bottom three than Citeh……

    Hang your heads in shame. That’s your level. AND you Raggies have spent MORE Ethan Citeh in the past 10 years….take it take it take it.

  6. Rouge 908

    Nothing has changed btw lol shitty players still playing like shit, actually the team is still playing like shit getting dominated by pretty much everyone so far. Could have kept Ole at this point lol

  7. Iain McKechnie

    I love the fact that maguire cost nearly as much as arsenals entire defence and yet he would be lucky to play for Bolton while arsenal have kept the 3rd most clean sheets in the league ahahahaha

  8. Kush Smoke

    If anyone says that CR7 is the problem, I‘ll go insane, do not forget he is 36, he accepted less pay to play for Manu, already shot 10+ goals this season so whatever you say, you can‘t say it‘s either Ronaldo‘s fault or De Gea‘s fault, De Gea saved mani so often this season.

  9. nauxsi

    United were shocking and yet they didn't lose. So that should give Newcastle some valuable lessons going forward about what they need to do to get back in the top 10 over the next 24 months.

  10. AGENT 007

    Very concerning performance. Lacklustre players, showing no signs of direction. The tempo totally flat. Fred looked like a school boy learning how to play football. Only DeGea gave it his all. The rest of the team, not a clue. Poor against Norwich, now this. Where is United going.

  11. auritone

    Playing like that and getting a point… how the hell did that happen?
    Newcastle so deserved the win. I am astonished at how bad United was in this game.

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